The Cloud is Green..

As more and more businesses move their IT needs to the cloud, there has been debate on how this will affect energy consumption.
Image of green pine leaves

In recent years businesses have started to think seriously about the carbon footprint they leave behind. Technology can be an especially heavy contributor to energy costs, with computer systems, servers, monitors, networks, and all the other physical power hungry equipment that businesses ultimately need to survive, adding to utility costs and emissions.  This isn’t even taking into account to costs of manufacture and distribution. So those large banks of ominous looking computing hardware consume a considerable amount of juice and waste a considerable amount too.

Many businesses will put efficiency and production ahead of “green” concerns, but there is no wide acceptance that a move from the physical into digital storage can greatly contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint, and of course reduced electricity costs – which no business owner can argue is a bad thing.

In an age of corporate social responsibility where consumers are taking green issues into consideration as part of their decision make process when selecting companies to do business with, transferring systems to the cloud has provided an added, soft benefit which is worth broadcasting.