Reach for the … Cloud!

Offices have moved on a long way from bulging filing cabinets full of physical documents. Since the 80’s and 90’s company’s have started to keep digital copies of all paperwork on servers, as well as original hard copies. Going into the 21st century business has begun to completely embrace digital and day-to-day operations are conducted from data kept on a server somewhere in the building, or head office. We became confident enough that this sort of setup is secure and attitudes to computing relaxed as technology became very much a part of everyday life. However, in very recent years there has been revolutionary jump in technology once again and that is cloud computing.

Simply put, cloud computing uses servers managed by a dedicated third party. It’s just a computer in another place. Such apparent simplicity hides the huge change that this brings.

High speed internet connections mean that large volumes of data can be transferred instantaneously around the world. A business can “rent” the use of storage space at a dedicated cloud exchange meaning that all digital files and data is stored safely and securely; available to create, retrieve, modify, delete, print, your information instantaneously. All backups are managed by the cloud computing provider meaning you don’t need to worry about server maintenance.

How data used to be stored within a company.
How data used to be stored within a company.

Physical servers have many disadvantages in comparison, mostly cost and security-based. Aside from the cost of buying the equipment, its cost and the need for a dedicated IT expert to setup and maintain it, data loss is nearly as likely as when keeping paper in a filing cabinet. Servers can be fire or water damaged, or even stolen, and data can be corrupted and consequently lost. Of course you will have back ups on removable storage, but these too are physical and can also be corrupted by physical interference.

This is why many large businesses have moved to cloud storage for all their business needs. Small businesses are also moving to the cloud for the same level of security but with the added benefit of the cloud being very cost effective. You don’t need to invest in banks of servers, you don’t need an IT guy on site, you don’t need to pay electricity costs, regular maintenance costs and it saves space. All data can be restricted, protected, and controlled in exactly the same way as it would if it were held on your in-house computer systems. In fact, it is even easier to connect new computers or users to your file server using cloud storage than is it with traditional on-site servers.

Above all of these fairly clear benefits the cloud does one thing brilliantly for small to medium-sized businesses – it gives them competitive edge. It allows them to compete with the big boys by providing a fast and safe IT infrastructure to run their business from meaning they can focus on running their business without wasted resource and time micro-managing their digital storage.

We can advise on how to switch over to cloud solutions if you are currently working with physical servers, it’s secure, easy to manage, and it will save your business money allowing you to focus on running your business.