Why A Mobile Workforce Will Improve Your Business Pt 1

If you are a small business owner, have you ever felt the frustration of needing to address an urgent issue when out of office but you’re unable to deal with it because you don’t have access to a specific system or file? You could be at the airport, driving back from a meeting, or enjoying a meal in a restaurant with a loved one (partners everywhere will be facepalming at that last part). Cue a run to the car to get the laptop, back home to access your virtual server via the desktop, or back to the office to dig out a specific file.  Perhaps you’re unable to do any of these things until Monday because you’re out the country on a trip.

For some readers this will never be an issue for one of a few reasons; a) because you feel no issue is too urgent that it can’t wait until the next morning, b) your business never experiences urgent crisis or c) you have a mobile working solution (meaning you can access customer files, meet with colleagues, or access and edit documents from your mobile phone anywhere.)

For those of you who aren’t a or b (most of you I’d like to think), I’m going to talk a little bit about why you should give serious consideration to adopting mobile applications for your business. I’ll be giving you the business case, and the customer-focused case to help illustrate the growing importance of having a mobile workforce.

The Business Focus

Mobile computing is an integral part of day-to-day life and has become an essential tool for business. For the past few years work activity via mobile devices has been mostly restricted to email done via company approved devices. Now more and more businesses use mobile devices for document processing, and not just simply previewing documents but collaboratively creating and editing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Some particularly forward-thinking companies use mobile on a regular basis for video meetings with colleagues, customers, and suppliers.

Of course, you’ll appreciate the benefits of being able to do so much from virtually any location you choose. Time will be saved, money will be saved, resources will be saved – your business will become leaner and more agile. Your sales team can speak to your support team directly and collaborate on documents on the move, editing presentations or submitting purchase orders without having to return to the office or even power up the laptop. With a mobile workforce, all this can be done on the move, efficiently and quickly, saving your business time and reducing employee pressure, meaning a more productive and happier workforce.

The Customer Focus

As individuals become more connected and from more places, they expect more from the companies they do business with. Customers no longer expect to wait up to 12 hours for a response to a query, and they certainly won’t be happy waiting 48 hours over a weekend for a customer service issue to be addressed.

Mobile working solutions might not always allow you to remedy every customer issue on the spot, but what they can do is allow you to get all the information from the customer, identify with the help of your colleagues how the problem arose, and ultimately what can be done to fix it. You are effectively managing your customer’s expectations at each stage of the process by keeping them informed of what you can and are doing to solve their problem.

Mobile connectivity gives you the ability to offer outstanding customer service – not only can you manage expectations by responding to queries quickly, but you can delight customers by responding to or resolving a number of issues remotely.

Why Google Drive for Work?

Google Drive has all the features any business would require to fully embrace mobile working – it is built around collaboration, it can open and process all file types so there is no need to worry about converting your Microsoft or Adobe Reader files, it is incredibly easy to manage, and it is built for mobile.

In the next blog,f I will begin to explore the mobile security management aspects of Google Drive for Mobile especially in relation to monitoring access, data backup, data loss protection, and support.


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