Why A Mobile Workforce Will Improve Your Business Pt 2 – Security

In the last blog I talked about the benefits of using G Suite (Google Apps for Work) as a mobile solution for your business. I’m sure the business case for embracing a mobile workforce is well and truly rested, so today I want to address some of the concerns surrounding data security.

Mobile devices can give your employees access to any company file or resource anywhere. As they offer ‘always on’ connectivity you may think that it will be harder to ensure company data, including files, folders, and databases, will be more difficult to keep secure. It isn’t.

The level of security available to secure mobile devices is at least equal to that of a company laptop. One main reason for this is because these devices are always on it is possible to track, trace, and lock down them down remotely.


BYOD (bring your own device) is a fairly recent trend adopted by businesses. There is a great deal of focus on ensuring the security of employees mobile devices. Unlike a company laptop, employee mobile devices will be connecting to many networks inside and outside your business, arguably exposing them to greater risk. For Google Drive users this isn’t a huge security headache as it is actually surprisingly easy to manage security on BYOD’s. Google Drive apps employ a range of security features that allow you to remotely control file access including which files employees and apps can access or modify files. The Security Centre interface is so simple that an authorised individual can easily control and configure all security settings from anywhere. This level of control means that even in the event of an employee losing their device you have the ability to completely lock down all access to your company drive immediately.

There is also no danger of your files being intercepted by any non-authorised parties as Google Drive files are completely encrypted at rest. What this means is not only are all your files encrypted from your device but also as they are transferred to and from Google Data Centres.

Additional Tier Security

As well as the in-built security features of Google Drive, it would be wise to consider additional security measures for yours and your employee’s devices. I would highly recommend downloading a Lock and Wipe app that will allow you or employees to remotely disable and wipe a stolen or lost phone.

I’ll discuss the additional security options in a separate post as today I wanted to focus on the security options Google Drive for Work specifically offer.

Should I Worry About Mobile Working Security?

The answer is yes, yes you should. Just as you would ensure company laptops and PC’s are fully up-to-date with the latest software updates and anti-virus definitions, making sure they are all protected by secure passwords, you should be doing the same with all mobile devices used by the business.

Mobile devices are subject to the same risks are any other computer, however, the risk can be almost completely mitigated through the inbuilt security features on offer. And critical data loss is a worry of the past when you move your IT infrastructure to the cloud.