Recent Updates

Customize the App Launcher

The App launcher has always been the best way to access all your favourite Google Apps but you can now customise it to access them even more easily. It’s very simple to do: just drag and drop any app to rearrange its display position. Google Apps admins won’t be able to edit their employees launchers for them, but this allows for a more personalised feel for each user. More info here. –

Adding Attachments to Google Calendar Events

Meetings are almost never “just meetings” anymore, there’s always plenty of work to be done in advance. From preparing documents and presentations to setting up conference calls and getting the tea ready. Google Calendar’s latest update has now made it even easier to get everyone up to speed and ready for a productive meeting by allowing you to add attachments to your events. This feature has been available through Gmail Labs for a while but has now been added as a permanent feature due to its popularity. Attachments are no longer just for emails, meaning everyone in attendance can look over design proposals, accounting spreadsheets or new schedules before walking in, with minimal effort for the host. More info here. –

Custom Backgrounds in Inbox by Gmail

Gmail’s innovative Inbox application has been around for a while now, and as big a hit as it’s been for keeping your mail organised, one of the gaps has been its lack of customisation features. It’s always been assumed that all ‘Inboxers’ would have to share the same grey background, unlike the more fortunate ‘Gmailers’ who can personalise to their heart’s content. Well now there’s a solution, thanks to this Chrome Extension, Background for Inbox, users can now add in splashes of their favourite colour or any image they like for their background. It’ll be interesting to see if Google step in with their own option. You can find the extension here.  –

Download Microsoft Office files in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

The Chrome Extension ‘Office Compatibility Mode’ allows users to open and edit Microsoft Office files within Google Drive, either with Docs, Sheets or Slides. The latest feature to be included in the extension makes it even easier to use these files online. The added download capabilities offer users the option of a local file immediately to make it even easier to share or upload elsewhere in a Microsoft Office format. You can access this feature from either the File drop-down menu or as a button at the top right of your screen. You can find out more about the extension here – or add it to your Chrome browser here. –

Google Slides now supports Chromecast and AirPlay

A recent update to Google Slides has now made it even simpler to showcase your presentations on the big screen. With your slideshow saved in Google Drive,(and your Chromecast plugged into the display) you can open it up on any device and simply cast it straight from your hands onto the screen. While presenting on the big screen, you can control everything from your handheld, swipe between slides, look over your notes and make sure you’re staying on track with a timer. All of this helps you concentrate on getting your point across while forgetting about the logistics. Watch the video here. –