8 Ways To Boost Your Gmail

1. Preschedule Messages.

If you’re catching up on your workload late at night, and would rather a better time for your emails reach someone, there’s a number of options available to help. Browser extensions like Right Inbox, Boomerang or ActiveInbox allow you to schedule emails, set up snooze messages, and get reminders. It’s simple to schedule emails for any time, so it can look as if you’re sending something at 8am on Monday, even if you had to schedule it at 11pm the night before. One tip to consider when scheduling emails – BCC yourself into the message, just to be absolutely sure that everything is sent out and also as a reminder for yourself.

2. Pull Up Contact Info.

If you’re going to be cold emailing someone important, you could easily spend around 15 minutes looking over their LinkedIn profile, searching for any mutual connections, and triple-checking the spelling of their first and last name. Well, if that’s the case then Rapportive is going to be your new networking best friend. Rapportive is a Gmail extension that pulls up LinkedIn profiles right inside of Gmail, allowing you to see someone’s profile alongside your email. Rapportive will offer you the information you need to be sure your message covers all the right bases..

3. Find Out If Your Email Was Read.

If you’re tired of hearing “Sorry I missed your email”, then we’ve got some extensions for you: Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick and Intelliverse Email Tracker can all tell you if someone has opened your email or not, as well as how many times, where it was opened, and even which device it was opened on. Very handy!

4. Blow Up Your Emails.

Ever sent an email you wish you hadn’t? Or wanted to remove the content from the recipient’s inbox?
With Gmail you can, a Chrome extension that allows you to destroy your sent emails at the click of a button, or give your messages a timescale before self-destruction. This is still a very new service so we’ll reserve a full recommendation but it’ll be interesting to see how it progresses. Much more established and highly effective is Google’s own ‘Undo Send’ feature. Google recently upgraded this feature from trial meaning that everyone can benefit from the ability to “undo send” and get an email back up to 30 seconds after sending it.

5. Make A To-Do List.

There are plenty of options to help you keep up with your to-do’s, such as Remember The Milk which installs a checklist at the side of your Gmail for Chrome and Firefox. You can also convert messages into tasks, and sync your to-do list with Google Calendars and contacts. Todoist for Gmail is another great option which organizes your tasks in chronological order. It allows you to add emails to your list, assign projects and offers progress reports. You can install it on mobile and desktop so you can access your list from anywhere.

6. Schedule Appointments.

There’s a feature within Gmail Labs that pulls in your Google Calendar alongside your inbox for easy scheduling straight from your emails.

7. Work Offline.

Gmail Offline is a Google app which allows you to read and reply to your messages even without an Internet connection (your responses will, of course, be sent once reconnected). This means you can work away without the distractions of new mail, notifications and news feed.

8. Your One-Stop Shop.

Many of you will have already heard of Google’s Inbox, their complete re-thinking of what an email inbox is. Inbox boasts a task list, snooze options and a clean layout with contact pictures displayed along with easily read message previews. It’s available on desktop and mobile with new features being added every month.