Google For Work – Revamped


New Docs Functionality
The latest update to Google Docs allows you to work on the go, saving you enormous amounts of time as you get more done on mobile.

Research in Docs on Android
The new Research feature in the Google Docs app enables you to search the web for anything and everything without ever having to leave your document. You can then copy the information found straight into your document with a few simple taps.

Watch Google’s tutorial video for the Research feature right here

Voice Typing
Voice typing is now available across all platforms for Google Docs, meaning you can dictate your thoughts from your desk, the couch or on the way to a meeting with the mobile app. If you’re using the feature within the Chrome browser, it’s as simple as selecting Voice typing from the tools menu, and away you go. If you’re on your mobile, just tap on the microphone and start speaking in one of over 40 different languages, simple.

You can see Google’s walk-through video for Voice Typing here.

See new changes in Docs
Collaborating on a new document? If you’ve been away and missed a few things, you can now find out what’s been updated, and who by, by clicking on the “See New Changes” button or by selecting it from the file menu. This allows you to have a quick look over what’s new, and carry on from where your colleagues left off.

Have a look at some of the new changes here.


New Forms – themes, colors, functionality.
Google Forms has had a makeover. The new update offers a clean look and feel as well as increased functionality. The new interface is mobile friendly and comes with a new range of themes, colours and customisation options. You can now insert your own photos, videos, and logos at the click of a button. The update also allows you to analyse your responses within the same window as your form editor, keeping things simple and more organised.

You can try out the new Forms for yourself here.


Explore in Sheets
The new Explore feature in Google Sheets helps you to spend more of your time using your data rather than just analysing it. Explore is available on the web and within the Android app, it analyses your data for you, including text, and creates charts as well as offering insights on what you’ve collected. The charts will then automatically change as you highlight different sections of your data, and when you’re happy with your findings, you can drag and drop them straight into a spreadsheet. Explore acts as your very own personal analyst, and can be accessed wherever you go.

Have a look at Google’s tutorial video for the Explore feature here.

Partial cell formatting in Sheets
Google Sheets now allows you to select as many or as few characters as you like within its spreadsheet cells. This may not seem like much, but for those who spend far more time than they’d care to admit formatting spreadsheets so everything displays just right, this could mean everything. The new feature is available within the Android app as well as on the web.

Try out some of the new features available for Sheets here.


Themes in Slides
There is now a new set of 22 themes available in Google Slides so that you can quickly and easily put together eye-catching presentations without stressing over every little design feature. All of the themes are available from the theme’s side panel within Slides, this allows you to jump from one to the other to make sure you have the best presentation to match your content.

Have a look at some of the new themes available here.