Image of Edinburgh Castle with "Coast to Coast: Google Apps on Edinburgh" overlaid

Coast to Coast: Google Apps in Edinburgh

One of the most exciting things about helping organisations work in the cloud is the ability to work in a variety of locations. Even though Cobry are based in Glasgow, we have helped a range of companies across Scotland, the UK and even further afield. I’m certain that little of this work would have been as fruitful if we hadn’t been using cloud technologies. In Scotland alone it has been noticeable how many of our clients come from the east coast.

We have been working with one of our valued Edinburgh-based clients based for over two years now. The initial buzz around the transition to G Suite (Google Apps for Work) was especially great as the client was highly motivated to start working in the cloud. After moving to the new systems, the cost savings, efficiency and collaboration benefits were quickly capitalised on. Seeing server after server, and any need to replace them has been very satisfying. However, the ongoing effects of the new systems were just as satisfying to watch as G Suite (Google Apps for Work) enabled the business to be more flexible in choosing third-party tools that suited the way that they wanted to work – rather than the more typical need to change the way they work to fit around the tools. Despite being located in Edinburgh we were able to provide extensive remote support due to the tools being accessible from any location – supplementing this with regular onsite visits has been a winning combination. They told us that this level of contact and interaction far exceeded what their previous, much more local supplier had provided.

We more recently helped another organisation based in Edinburgh transition to using cloud tools. However, this business was a little more hesitant about the cloud and less comfortable with technology in general. There was also a very complex setup in place so we had to be extremely careful not to disrupt the systems already in place and remain even more conscious than normal of the team’s comfort levels with technology. Despite these challenges, the project was successful and after training and support, the team is now confident in using the new tools. As always, it’s exciting to see the initial short-term benefits of the company transitioning to the cloud, but the real satisfaction comes from knowing that the company has only just started down the road to capitalising on the benefits of these new systems. The added bonus is then that we see them making use of more tailored, consultative support model – more reliable tools allow more focus on value-added advice as opposed to simply fixing broken things.

Some organisations find moving to the cloud more challenging than others as every company operates differently and has a different team profile. It’s great to see a range of businesses prosper in different ways as they discover how the cloud in general (and Google Apps for Work in particular) allows for more efficient processes and better collaboration – no matter where they are!

If you would like to start your journey to working in the cloud then contact us to find out how your organisation could benefit.