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Digital Brand Assets

“We have so many digital assets stored across different servers, pen drives and other devices in multiple locations. There’s so many new copies of the copy that we’re not even sure which one is the original!”  

We hear it all the time, and there is a solution. Anyone working with media – from graphic designers to film studios – has to deal with many large files that are constantly changing state.



Are you looking to create and manage your digital brand assets efficiently? There are a number of options available, but if you’re looking to collaborate with your whole team in real time and want to make sure you all stay on-brand and get the job done in time, G Suite (Google Apps for Work) is with you every step of the way.



You can create shared briefs with Google Docs that your whole team can access from Google Drive, make edits, leave comments and overview all changes in real time. To make sure everyone has a clear understanding of the theme and brand message, you can design mood boards in Google Slides and discuss any thoughts face-to-face while using Google Hangouts.

Find out more about how you can use G Suite (Google Apps for Work) to create and manage digital brand assets. From producing briefs to collaborating with coworkers and unveiling your final product, Google Apps for Work helps you work more efficiently every step of the way.

Creative Process

Here’s an example of how G Suite can streamline the creative process:

  • Jennifer’s a creative marketer, who has been asked to refresh their company video to help them stay on brand, but she’s only got two weeks to do it. This task requires her to work with different team members within her company, and with an external agency. Quite a daunting two week job.
  • To get things started, Jennifer opens Google Drive and writes up a project brief in Google Docs. She then shares it with her team so they can all collaborate and see each other’s ideas in real time.
  • It’s now time to liaise with the external agency, which is as easy as 123. 1. Choose sharing preferences. 2. Send. 3. Receive feedback in real time. Google Drive’s sharing features allow you to choose how much information is shared, whether the recipient can make edits, leave comments or just view the document.
  • The external agency quickly creates a mood board in Google Slides to ensure that everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet, then calls Jennifer via Google Hangouts to discuss the schedule over the two week period.
  • After the video is completed by the external agency, they upload the final cut to Google Drive, while sharing it with Jennifer and the rest of the team so they can all see it for themselves. And because they have unlimited storage in Drive, they upload the outtakes and bloopers too!

If you want to find out more about any of the apps included in Google For Work, we have a full list detailing the features of each one that you can access from here, or if you’re interested in the costs and want to find out if it could save you money, you can do so here.