Google My Maps

Google My Maps – The Half Hidden Map App

Street View and custom media join the mapping app.

There are so many Apps with so many features included with G Suite (Google Apps) for Work that some inevitably get pushed to the side and (slightly) forgotten about by some. It’s a measure of how useful the other Apps are that something as powerful as a custom mapping app should suffer that fate. For many businesses, there may be no obvious application but for the ones that are concerned in any way with making sense of their geography, this App can be enormously useful.

So whether you’re planning your next conference, mapping out the best route for client visits, or sharing the location of your pop up shop with customers, Google My Maps makes it easier than ever to put everything in one place – Google Drive, so take it for a test drive and see what you think – here.

New Features For My Maps

My Maps lets users choose from standard, satellite or terrain based maps.

Street View

Users now have the option to use Street View to get a better feel for the places they’re mapping without having to leave the app.

Additional Content

Users can also now add videos, photos, and notes to their maps to allow customers, colleagues, and clients to get a better insight, as well as directions.

Custom Points

Users now have the ability to search for specific addresses to drop a pin at and give them custom names as well as add notes to them. This is a great new feature to help speed up the process of looking up frequently visited places like depots, warehouses or customer addresses.

Pit Stops

Many long-time Maps users were waiting for this feature. You can now add in planned pit stops throughout your journey so you can continue on the most efficient route. This feature would work wonders for delivery drivers or traveling salespeople who need to optimise their time management. You can even search within the app for service stations or cafe’s etc and pick from the selection that pops up on your map to schedule breaks.

Working Examples

Stephanie is preparing for her company’s annual conference. This year, she’s using Google Apps Script to help things go smoothly. She creates a folder for each attendee in Google Drive with their own tickets, personalised event information and a custom map of their hotel and surrounding area along with it.

David is the operations manager of a large electronics store with multiple branches. He uses My Maps to plan the most efficient routes for all of his delivery drivers. He can then place each custom map into his team’s shared Google Drive folder, which allows each driver to access all the information they need. Once David assigns the routes, his drivers can use any device to pick out their map from the shared folder.

Where To Download My Maps

The updated version of the My Maps app is now available in the Google Play Store. So you can head over to this link to download it for free now.