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Android Wear

In the last couple of years, the hype around smartwatches and wearables has grown even if it can sometimes be hard to see real usefulness for the average consumer. It’s certainly an area that’s in its early stages. Some might say this is even more the case in the enterprise but there are still a few ways professionals can use their Android Wear devices to make their lives easier.

“They’re well-equipped to fill a lot of needs in the enterprise where employees need quick updates on timely information, but also can’t afford the distraction of being fully immersed in whatever the system is.”


One of the key features of smartwatches for both professional users and consumers is communication. Because your smartwatch synchronises with your phone, you’ll get all of your notifications pushed straight through to your wrist for instant updates without having to check your phone on a regular basis. Newer models now also have speakers and microphones allowing you to answer calls and respond through voice commands to effortlessly keep in touch.


If you travel often for work, you’ll find that Android Wear’s travel cards become one of your favourite features. These will pop up on your wrist when you have a trip scheduled in your Google Calendar, so if you’re boarding a flight, the QR code for your boarding pass can show up on your screen as you approach the gate without having to dig around for it or worry about misplacing it. Directions in a new location can also be very handy indeed.


Keeping on top of your schedule is important for any busy worker, and tools like Google Calendar can help a lot but can sometimes be time-consuming to stay on top this. That’s where Android Wear can really help out, instead of typing up details and creating events through your laptop, you can just speak to your watch and tell it when, where and who you’re meetings are with. The same goes for all alerts and reminders, then just leave it up to your watch to keep you on track.


One of the primary functions of Android Wear is to help the user be more productive. The latest models are getting better and better at this, finding ways to offer important information as and when it’s needed, without having to go looking for it. Google Now is one of the reasons that they are able to do this, and as development continues, business processes are sure to develop alongside.

Android Wear Watches

Third-Party Developers

When wearables first burst onto the scene in 2014, it didn’t seem as though there would be a huge demand for them in the workplace. To this day, they’re yet to show their full value to corporate customers, which is one of the reasons that Google has been encouraging third-party developers to create apps specifically for Android Wear. As time goes by there are more and more apps available for smartwatches, for both consumers and enterprise professionals so we’ve listed a few of our top picks for your wrist below.


Trello is ideal for the managers who like to stay on top everything that’s going on, including their employees. There’s a checklist available for to-do lists as well as the ability to view photos and videos on your wrist. Android Wear allows users to view their most recent messages, to-do list items as well as the built-in note taking feature.


Wunderlist has now become one of the top names in the productivity app space, so to see them getting involved in Android Wear is no surprise. The app allows users to create and manage full lists with check off functionality to stay on top of what needs to be done and prioritise accordingly. The app also offers notifications and alerts when to-do items are approaching their deadline. 

Trip TrackerTrip Tracker

TripTracker is a must have for any traveling professional. The Android Wear app offers users a wide range of information on their trip, from how fast they’re traveling, distance, alternate routes and more. The app is ideal for driving, cycling, walking, and public transport users, and also includes a notification feature that pops up to display information while you’re on the go.


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