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Chrome: a browser, an OS and much more

We all know that the internet has unleashed a whole new world of possibilities in almost any field you can think of – that’s why we at Cobry are so keen on Google’s business tools – because they take full advantage of the innovation let loose by the internet. However, historically the pace of that innovation and development was held back by poor browsers (mainly Internet Explorer) so Google eventually took matters into its own hands in 2008 and released Chrome. Eight years later there are now over a billion active users of Chrome worldwide. Its popularity stems from being extremely fast and easy to use, while also bringing a user interface that fits with Google’s ethos of providing the best user experience along with powerful features. Google also focus heavily on security through features such as safe browsing, auto-updates and sandboxing. All of these points together mean that Chrome is a stable and innovative platform to get work done.

We find that Chrome works especially well when using Google Apps for Work as it extends the functionality of the tools. You can add web apps, custom themes and extensions to tailor your browser to fit the way you want to work. For example, Pocket allows you to save articles to read later and Chrome Remote Desktop enables access to other computers or for you to grant another user access to your computer securely over the internet. Chrome profiles allow you to save all of these features as well as your bookmarks so that you can pick up from where you left off from any device.

Toshiba-Chromebook-13-inch1As the Chrome browser became more powerful, Google realised that it could become an operating system in itself. Chrome OS was born which gave rise to the phenomenon of Chromebooks. As the OS is so lean and fast to load compared to Windows, the hardware required can be much less powerful. This means that devices such as Chromebooks are much more affordable opening up a range of different opportunities. For example, adoption has been huge within education in the US where Chromebooks make up half of classroom devices. As well as the speed and cost benefits, Chrome OS is also great in terms of security. Read more from our latest blog post on how Chromebooks are leading the way in ransomware protection.

Looking to the future, Chrome OS is a platform that is maturing and has increasingly been linked to the Android platform. In fact, it is rumoured that a merger of the two systems may be announced at this year’s Google I/O (Google’s annual software developer conference) on May 18th 2016. If Google goes ahead with this, then it will unleash the apps ecosystem into Chrome OS allowing access to Android apps like Skype and Word on Chromebooks.

If you want to learn more about Chrome you can visit our web page or download the Chrome browser here. If you’d like to learn more about how Google Apps for Work and Cobry’s services could benefit your business, please get in touch.