Mobile Management

It’s becoming easier and easier to get work done on the move – mobile and cloud are becoming more and more the default for many organisations. Working from just your smartphone, it’s now possible to arrange meetings in Google Calendar, follow up with clients in Gmail, and make revisions to shared documents through Google Drive. However, the flipside of all this mobile working is that some are understandably concerned about security around their devices. Where is the device, what protection is there and what apps are being used? The good news is that, features and tools that were once the sole preserve of enterprises are now available to companies of any size through Mobile Device Management. For Google admins, it’s easy to get your team ready to go on their own devices through Google Apps Mobile Management.

Command and Control

Admins can use the Device Policy app along with Google Play for Work to take control of devices and apps. Google Apps Mobile Management has four different components: Android for Work, Google Play for Work, Work Profiles security and support for Microsoft Exchange & IBM Notes.

Some useful capabilities include:

  1. Device location – track the movements of each device in real-time.
  2. Inactive account wipe – set policies that will wipe an inactive account from a device if it has not been synced for a predetermined number of days.
  3. Compromised device detection – set policies that will detect signals for common forms of a compromised device, such as “rooting” or installing a custom “ROM”, and block that device.
  4. Remote wipe – carry out a factory reset of the device removing all the data.

Enterprise Features for All

With features like these, it’s clear that the distinction between enterprise software and consumer software is increasingly small. “While enterprise software has remained complex, consumer software has gravitated towards simplicity. For G Suite (Google Apps) administrators, we believe in providing an EMM solution that’s as simple to operate as changing your personal Gmail settings, all the while delivering enterprise-grade security.”

With the amount of time we spend on the devices kept in our pockets, we want to take full advantage of the services available. That’s why at Cobry we help organisations get up and running with G Suite so they can not only be productive from mobile but be safe and secure whilst they do so.

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