Google Keep – Become a Note-Taking Ninja

When we help an organisation move their IT systems to G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), the focus is always on the holy grails of business tools – email, calendar, contacts, and files – the IT Essentials. But after we’ve established a good working practice with these apps, we always try to get people using some of the other useful tools that are included in G Suite. Sometimes these are the ones that people get most excited about as they can be a little more unexpected than the core capabilities. A great example of this is Keep – a note and task management app.

Although it can be used as a standard vertical list, we find Keep is at it’s best when arranged as an array of tiles which you can reorder via clicking and dragging. You can store a range of different media including text, images and sound clips (more on the media capabilities below). The app syncs seamlessly over almost any device – so it’s always fun to get people sharing notes from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones in real time. We often find that organisations discover new ways to optimise their workflows and become more efficient by adopting regular use of the app.

We’ve laid out three levels of Keep proficiency for you to work towards, so skip to your relevant skill level and learn how you can take your note keeping and task management to the next level.


If you’re just starting out using Keep, then consider using these features to start organising notes and tasks:

  • Reminders – go to the “Reminders” tab on the left-hand side to take notes
  • Sharing – in the same way that you can collaborate on documents within Drive, let others view and edit your notes by clicking “Share” when creating a note
  • Checklist – quickly create a list with tickboxes
  • Recurring – have your notes repeat whenever you need – just set down a reminder and then click down on it to see the recurring options available

Recurring Reminder 6


Once you know the basics and are getting confident, try taking the next step to optimal Keep usage with:

  • Labels – Similarly to Gmail, labels are a way of categorising your notes so that they can be viewed together
  • Images – add images to your notes – for example take photos of business cards at a networking event and add details of the conversation that you had with each person
  • Smartphone & Tablet – Keep syncs perfectly between all devices so working on mobiles and tablets is a joy. There is also a couple of widgets available letting you add/view notes more easily
  • Colour Coding – change the colour of notes – the traffic light system is a simple but effective method to order by priority

Colour Coding


You are now a battle-hardened Keep veteran and operate a pretty slick task-management operation. Earn ninja status by conquering these last three capabilities:

  • Voice Recognition – especially useful on mobile, simply click the microphone icon and the app will type what you say with an amazingly high level of accuracy
  • Get Text from Images – take a photo with your mobile and Google will scan the image for text and translate it into your note
  • Geo-fence Reminders – when you add a reminder to a note, there is an option to select a geographical area instead of a time, meaning you get that reminder when it matters most

Geo Fence

If you’ve made it this far then you can officially claim to be a certified Google Keep expert!

To learn more about G Suite (Google Apps for Work) or how Cobry could help your organisation, please get in touch.