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G Suite Time Savers

Time Savers

Productivity is something all businesses and organisations are looking to improve on. Research shows that the biggest drain on employees productivity is searching for accurate and up to date information, which can be up to 20% of their working week. That’s almost a whole day spent per week – in fact, Forrester found that employees saved up to 2 hours per week after moving to G Suite (adding up to 13 full days in a year). So how does G Suite make this happen? There are a few ways…

Action Items

G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) now uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to help save you time when working on group projects. So if you were planning who was going to take care of each task, you could type in natural phrases to the comments like “Steven needs to double check all references” or “Caroline to finish remaining client interviews” and Google Docs will automatically create an Action Item for the mentioned user. Action Items can also be created manually and assigned to anyone within the Doc by clicking the Action Item checkbox and commenting the user’s name in the comments.

Action Items

Less Time Searching

After a user has been assigned an Action Item, they receive an email notification directing them to the highlighted section requiring their attention, rather than spending more time sifting through pages of text looking for which edits to make. As well as an email notification, when they next open Google Drive from their laptop or mobile device, they’ll see a badge on any of the files that have been assigned to them, allowing them to prioritise what needs their attention first.

G Suite Action Item

Smarter Forms

Google Forms can now predict what type of question you want to ask thanks to neural networks that allow it to suggest a range of responses, this cuts down on your time spent creating forms by around 25%. So if you were organising an important team meeting, but needed to find the best possible time for everyone, you can type “What time suits you best?” and Google Forms will automatically work out that checkboxes are the best response type for this question.

Google Forms

Voice Commands

Voice typing has been around for a while within Google Docs, but more recently, Google have upgraded the feature by adding in new commands to customise your content. This can be anything from changing the colour of your text, removing sections, adding links and creating comments.

G Suite voice typing

These are just a small selection of the features that G Suite uses to try and help you be more efficient and make getting things done more of a pleasure. As Google’s leadership in artificial intelligence and machine learning continues, features like these will only continue to appear and become more advanced.


If you’d like to find out more information about what G Suite and how it could help your organisation improve productivity, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via and we would be delighted to have a chat.