AI in G Suite

A.I. in G Suite

As a company that has been at the forefront of internet innovation from the day it was founded, Google is unsurprisingly leading as computing moves into what many are calling ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Instead of the telephone or steam being the driver of this revolution, AI, machine learning and data analysis are at the heart of this new wave. These are all areas that Google is accepted as leading the way in and, while it is still early days for the whole field, they are now beginning to weave aspects of AI into the tools they provide for businesses.

Machine LearningMachine Learning

Machine intelligence is built into the core of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) and is there to help you get work done quickly and easily by anticipating what you need next. Machine learning provides computers with the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. This means that rather than being told what to do, the computer will log information from each user in order to detect patterns, which it can then act on the next time. This can be very useful for simple tasks like suggesting the next file that you’re going to be looking for.

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

Natural language processing allows G Suite to read your every written word, and then suggest action items that you can assign to co-workers based on your workload. AI will also help when creating forms, by reading the questions as you enter them and suggesting possible answers. Google estimates that it’s natural language processor saves you around 25% of the time you would have previously spent creating forms.

Quick AccessQuick Access

Quick Access, which is available in Google Drive for Android (and very soon iOS and on the web), can save 50% of your time spent looking for files, by never having to search for them. This is because machine learning can predict which files you want to use next before you even have to search for it, and will then display those files at the top of the screen.


Explore uses machine learning to provide users with a choice of design suggestions for presentations, recommendations for research sources and the analysis of spreadsheet data with natural language questions as opposed to standard formulas – you don’t need to understand formulas – you can just type a question in normal English and it works the answer out from there!

Google Cloud SearchGoogle Cloud Search

Google has recently released a new feature called Google Cloud Search, which makes full use of Google’s powerful search capabilities and artificial intelligence for G Suite users. The feature allows users to search across all G Suite apps, including Drive, Gmail, Docs, Slides and more. Soon it will also be able to pull in data from linked third-party apps like CRM or Accounts packages.

Cloud Search can also be used as a company directory, as it allows for users to find the contact details of their colleagues, view shared work events in Calendar and also see which shared files they both have access to.

Productivity Plus

The cumulative effect of all these features is to save you and your team time and allow you to get projects completed faster. For instance G Suite users PwC recently observed that switching to G Suite led to 9hrs of productivity gains per employed – per week! Imagine what that amounts to over the span of a year…


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