Companies Going Google

Companies Going Google

G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for work) achieved a significant new customer milestone last quarter with “more than 3 million businesses now using G Suite to collaborate smartly and securely in the cloud.” However, no matter how many business move to the platform there often persists a perception that G Suite is only for micro-businesses and small startups. While it certainly is a good fit for those organisations, our experience tells us that G Suite is a group of tools that can meet the needs of businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors.

For that reason, we thought it would be worth highlighting seven examples of larger businesses currently using G Suite – and how they feel they have benefited.

1) PwC

Professional Services, 223,000 employees, 157 countries.

PricewaterhouseCoopers is the second largest multinational professional services network in the world. They entered into a partnership with Google which has seen them adopting Google’s cloud services and moving their employees over to G Suite.

This partnership came to fruition as PwC believes that within five years, they will have over 240,000 employees with an average age of 27. This workforce will have grown up with technology and be accustomed to having immediate access to whatever information they require, from anywhere. Their clients also expect them to be using the latest technology to help them drive their own businesses forward.

PwC were always aware that a move of this scale would take a lot of work, so began with a strategic approach early on by migrating some smaller sites so that they could learn the best practices when it came to the larger areas. PwC believes that technology is the only megatrend that businesses can have real control over, so the partnership with Google offered them the opportunity to provide agility, innovation, simplicity and economies of scale to their operations.

2) Ocado Ocado

Online Groceries, 10,000+ employees, Great Britain.

Ocado is one of the largest online-only grocery stores. The reason they’ve experienced such incredible growth is due to the fact that they continue to push forward with technology in an effort to automate and scale their business as efficiently as possible.

Other than using G Suite to collaborate, Ocado also developed their own app named “Where’s My Order” app using Google App Maker which allows customers to keep track of their delivery status.

3) Colgate PalmoliveColgate Palmolive

Household Products, 28,000+ employees, Worldwide.

Colgate-Palmolive have moved 28,000 users over to G Suite so far. They began their project in May 2016 when they announced to staff that they were “going Google”.

“We had about 900 ‘Google guides’ to be trainers on the ground,” said chief information officer Mike Crowe. That set them up well for when they moved 20,000 of their employees onto the platform later in the year.

“Everybody is using email and calendar. But usage of other tools is impressive: 90 percent of users are active on Google Drive, and February alone had more than 57,000 hours of Google Hangouts,” he said.

“We’re seeing faster uptake in productivity tools like Docs and Sheets and Slides than I had expected.”

4) VerizonVerizon

Telecommunications, 150,000 employees, USA.

Verizon is getting ready to migrate 150,000 users to G Suite in the coming weeks. This will be the result of a year-long effort to improve the company’s workplace productivity.

“We formed a group focused on raising the bar in productivity through collaboration and employee engagement. We rolled out activity-based workplaces, unified communications globally, and improved our mobile options”.

“But we realised we were missing some key features like real-time collaboration. So we did a comprehensive trial of G Suite and our employees love it.” “This is partly a technology transformation but it’s really about driving change in the organisation. You really have to give thought to how you have to drive change management. If your mission is to transform the company, you have to have meaningful change, otherwise where’s the transformation?”


Financial Services, 110,000 employees, 30 countries.

“We were looking for a technology that would transform our business operations – not just make our workers more efficient.”

Founded in Spain, BBVA have provided financial services since 1857, and are proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. They migrated more than 110,000 employees from over 30 countries over to G Suite in an effort to improve their collaborative working and efficiency. BBVA also use Google Sites for their company intranet as they look to fully embrace the new way of working in the cloud so that information can flow and work can be done with simplicity and ease on a global scale.

“G Suite introduces a new way of working where employees have access to all the information they need with just one click, no matter where they are or what kind of device they use, and can reap the benefits of using advanced collaboration tools.”

6) Shaw IndustriesShaw industries

Carpet industry, 25,000+ employees, 200 locations.

Founded in 1946, Shaw Industries began as a small rug company, which grew massively over the years to become world’s largest carpet manufacturer. Employing over 25,000 people over 200 different locations around the world, the company has embraced technology to help them keep their teams connecting and working together.

“Google has helped us strengthen our company by allowing us to work together, wherever we are, with whatever devices we are using.”

7) Roche GroupRoche Group

Pharmaceutical industry, 90,000+ employees, 140 countries.

“For the last two and a half years, our two different email and calendaring platforms have often been an obstacle for effective collaboration.”

For over 110 years, The Roche Group have been pioneers in the pharmaceutical industry, but they reached a point where their IT infrastructure began to hold them back. They decided to make a move to the cloud with G Suite so that their 90,000+ employees could work together more effectively.

“The way our employees communicate and collaborate is diverse, and our employees are spread across over 140 countries. Removing barriers to communication and innovation while enhancing mobile access is a key part of our Roche IT strategy.”

All companies, great and small

There are many reasons we recommend G Suite to organisations – one of those reasons is G Suite’s seamless ability to flex and scale with all types of businesses, whatever their stage or sector. The examples above demonstrate very clearly that the spectrum of companies benefitting from those strengths is a lot wider than many might realise.


If you’d like to find out more information about G Suite and what benefits it could bring your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via and we would be delighted to have a chat.