App Maker

Custom Experiences with App Maker

At Cobry (formerly known as Google Apps for work), we know that no modern team gets by with the use of only one set of tools. We all have some requirements for third-party apps such as CRM systems, Project Management and Communications. But if you like to keep everything organised and under one roof, there’s a new Google App for you. App Maker is a new low-code development tool, used for building fully customisable business apps.

Custom Experiences

You may be slightly unnerved when reading ‘development tool’, but App Maker was built for the average user, not just developers. So whether you’re looking for a simpler way to run staff projects, induct new employees or approve budget allocations, App Maker lets you build a simple app with all the features you need in just a few days.

Easy Development

App Maker offers drag-and-drop development which lets you place together the individual features you’d like, and fill it with data from G Suite apps. You’ll also find popular standards such as HTML, CSS, Javascript along with Google’s material design framework so that your apps come out with the professional look of Google’s very own.

Everyday Processes

There’s no limit to what App Maker can be used for, as every organisation will have different requirements. In the video below, you’ll see how some current G Suite customers have been putting it to use to simplify some of their everyday needs.

“As your application scales to hundreds or thousands of users, that’s taken care for you,” says App Maker product manager Ajay Surie.

App Ideas

Employee Compensation

A simple calculator can be developed to allow managers to adjust things like hourly wages, overtime and years of employment along with any employee benefits. This could be used to provide an instant compensation scenario for potential employees during the recruitment process.

Employee Directory

App Maker could be used to create an employee directory, packed full of user information, with search & auto-complete functions. Like any other app, it can be finished with Google’s material design to provide ease-of-use and a consistent, fresh style. The app could then be duplicated and altered for other departments or even different companies.

Performance Management

Many companies will have processes in place for performance management, but it can be very difficult to ensure that employees track important milestones correctly. An app could be created around the existing processes to make it easier to log information like coaching sessions, personal goals and professional achievements as well as setting up reminders for specific milestones.


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