G Suite Updates

G Suite Updates

One of the things we find so great about G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) is the constant stream of updates. Google are continually refining the features of these tools so that more and more barriers are removed from people (in teams or not) getting things done as efficiently as possible. And because everything is cloud-based, these new features instantly roll out to all users, no matter the device, operating system or location. There have been such a burst of updates in the last month or so that we thought it would be worth summarising them – they have mostly been centred around Drive and related tools.

Docs, Sheets & Slides Updates

G Suite has recently received some great updates to 3 of it’s most popular apps; Docs, Sheets & Slides. Most of these updates focus around collaboration, but the service is also getting support for Google Cloud Search and the company is adding new templates and add-ons from partners like LegalZoom, DocuSign, LucidChart and others.

Google Cloud Search

Google Cloud Search’s new integration with Docs and Slides allows G Suite Business and Enterprise users to find the information they need from within their documents, without ever having to leave the editor. Previously, users had to open a new tab and go to Cloud Search to find their documents, but thanks to machine learning, you can now kick off searches directly from inside your Doc.

Version Control

Clean Versions

Also new in this version is the ability to see a clean version of a file in Docs without any comment or edits to give a clearer picture of what the final product will look like, but if you want to make quick work of all of your editors’ suggestions, you can now accept or reject all of them with just one click.

Named Versions

Users can now name specific versions of a file in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. This means that organisations are able to differentiate between version tracks if there’s an opportunity for the project to go in different directions. Otherwise, they could use it to simply differentiate the final version from the drafts.


There are a number of new add-ons available for Google Docs, such as Litera Change-Pro and Workshare which allow users to easily compare and review potential errors in their documents. Google have also launched some new templates that have built-in add-ons too, so if users can’t find one that’s right for their project, they can build their own.

Google have stated that “These templates allow you to customise and deploy tools specific to your organisation’s workflows.”

An example of how this could work would be when using one of the templates from DocuSign, users would be able to collect the signatures they need for a document without ever having to leave the Google Doc.

Mobile Apps

Suggest Changes

For mobile users, this update also brings the ability to suggest changes on Android and iOS, something that was sorely missing in earlier versions.

Split View

Docs, Sheets and Slides for iOS finally support Split View multitasking on iPad, giving users the ability to compose reports and edit their spreadsheets while simultaneously using a second app.

Page Breaks & Images

Docs now allow you to insert page breaks and images into your documents. All three apps have also received bug fixes and performance improvements, which should mean they are now snappier and more stable.


If you’d like to find out more about G Suite and what it could offer your organisation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via info@cobry.co.uk. We would be delighted to have a chat about how we could help.