Work Smart with Google Forms

Work Smart with Google Forms

Our Work Smart blog series continues with Google Forms. The aim with this series is to help companies to work smarter by getting the most out of the cloud computing power that’s already available to them.

With so many updates and additional features being added to G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work), it can be easy to overlook some simple example use-cases that might just make your work day a whole lot simpler. So let’s see what’s possible with Google Forms…

Employee Event Registration

Staff members who organise company events use Google Forms to create registration forms, which can be sent out to attendees via Gmail with event instructions and R.S.V.P. details. Employees then fill in their responses and submit the form, which is automatically saved into a Google Sheet to provide the event coordinators with an easy-to-use attendance list in real time, so they always have the most up-to-date version.


  • Collect and display registration data automatically within Google Sheets for a single view of all employee responses.
  • Save time and avoid human error by removing the need to manage email responses
  • No need to rely on 3rd party calendar tools, which can be restrictive in the data they collect


Google Forms can be used to help streamline processes for operations departments when collecting employee time data. Staff complete the forms sent to them via Gmail, which is then automatically uploaded into a Google Sheet which uses formulas to calculate the number of hours worked per person, per day/week/month. Managers are then able to review these hours and add further information, such as approving holidays, wages and updating rotas based on the real-time data being collected.


  • Keep all employee timesheet data secure in electronic format with complete revision history
  • Streamline wages and holidays by automatically calculating every employee’s daily working hours


Finding the right candidates is an important issue for any organisation, and Google Forms can be used to help do just that. Forms can be created to detail the skills and experience required for each of the current vacancies while allowing candidates to enter their own qualifications and personal information. An upload option also lets candidates upload their CV and covering letter directly into the form so that all the information for each individual is stored securely, with easy future access. Google Sheets can then also be used to display all of the responses to help managers compare and rank each candidate throughout the interview process.


  • Customise recruitment form templates for each new position with ease, helping you better identify the ideal candidates
  • Store collected applications and candidate records within Sheets for future vacancies
  • Managers can access the spreadsheets in real-time to track candidate status and ranking

Collect & Respond to Customer Feedback

Customer experience is becoming more and more important as competition continues to grow in all industries. To ensure customer satisfaction and improve service levels, Google Forms can be created and sent out to customers to collect data on their experience with your organisation. These forms can include question boxes to allow customers to ask about product specifications, promotions and any other queries they might have. Sales associates are then able to access digital brand assets (stored in Google Drive) from their mobile device to make sure they get all the information they need before responding to customers.


  • Employees are able to access any customer issues and resolve them quickly and efficiently
  • Customer experience can be improved by responding to queries in a timely manner.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to get the most out of Google Forms or you’d just like to find out a bit more about G Suite and what it could offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via We would be delighted to have a chat about how we could help.