Work Smart with Google Keep

Work Smart with Google Keep

Google Keep

Our Work Smart blog series continues with Google Keep. The aim with this series is to help companies to work smarter by getting the most out of the cloud computing power that’s already available to them.

With so many updates and additional features being added to G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps), it can be easy to overlook some simple example use-cases that might just make your work day a whole lot simpler. So let’s see what’s possible with Google’s cloud-connected note-taking app, Google Keep.

Article Ideas

Most ideas don’t come to us when we’re sitting at our desks, they tend to come out of the blue when we’re out and about or see something that sets off a spark inside of us. The trouble is, keeping track of them and actually implementing them can be tough. That’s why when writers or journalists are out researching, they can capture their ideas in Google Keep right from their mobile device. Keep allows them to quickly add notes, photos and sketches and even lets you dictate your ideas with voice-to-text while on the move.

All of these ideas can then be colour coded and organised with labels so that it’s easy to keep track of which ideas match up with each story. After returning to the office, they can add their Keep notes to a Google Doc so they can quickly put together a draft to share with the editorial team.


  • Make use of your best ideas, no matter where you are or when you have them.
  • Use voice-to-text or take pictures while on the go to save time.
  • Add ideas from Google Keep to Docs instantly, without ever leaving the app.

To-do Lists

Facility Management teams often have a lot of work on their hands, especially in the run-up to large maintenance jobs. So to keep track of all the individual tasks the team need to complete, the manager creates task lists for each employee in Google Keep. These jobs are all listed next to checkboxes and are then shared with them to access from their mobile devices. As employees work through their own lists, they can check off each item so that the manager receives real-time updates for everything that’s been done, and can then follow up with them via Hangouts Chat if he has any notes on the tasks left to be completed.


  • Team members receive their own task list so that they know exactly what they need to do and keep track via their mobile device.
  • Users can add notes or images to their lists to provide more information on the job and to confirm completion.

Competitor Reports

Keeping track of what the competition is up to is a vital part of marketing and making sure that you’re staying ahead of the game. One way to do this is by creating regular Competitor Reports, which can often take a lot of time for Marketers, especially if the research must be field based. That’s where Sales Reps can be such a great help to the marketing department; by collecting competitor notes on their mobile devices by using Google Keep. Reps can note down any promotions, product pricing or snap some pictures of an eye-catching window display. After they’ve gathered the information they need, they can simply share their notes with the Marketing team who can create a Google Doc and add the Keep notes directly (without having to leave the document). The team can then organise the notes and discuss any of the images over a Hangouts Meet call and make sure they’re not missing out on any opportunities.


  • The Marketing Manager can access all the notes, images and drawings and organize them by competitor, product, or other details with labels.
  • They can add all the relevant notes to a competitive intelligence document for further discussion.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to get the most out of Google Keep or you’d just like to find out a bit more about G Suite and what it could offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via We would be delighted to have a chat about how we could help.