Best Android Apps for Chromebooks

Best Android Apps for Chromebooks

Chromebooks have come a long way since they were first released; initially launched as an affordable alternative for standard notebooks, the Chromebook is cloud-based, light, easy to use, and is becoming increasingly popular with enterprises as the platform develops.

One exciting development has been the ability to run Android apps on Chrome – the addition of these tools instantly made Chrome devices the computers with the biggest choice of apps. We’ve picked out some of the most popular Android apps available for Chromebooks at work, covering; productivity, customer relationship management, photography, videography and communications.


Slack is a cross-platform communication service that allows you to chat with friends and colleagues from any of your connected devices, either directly or through group chats. The app also provides video chat functionality and allows you to program bots for your own channels! Slack seamlessly integrates with other services like Google Drive, allowing you to easily share and collaborate on files with different teams.

The Android app is very slick and runs perfectly, delivering all notifications the same way as you receive them from Chrome. –


Trello is a web-based project management app, originally founded in 2011. It packs plenty of features, but it’s primary function is to help you organise your projects into different ‘kanban’ boards so that you can see everything that’s being worked on at a glance. It’s great for keeping track of larger teams as managers can see what stage each task is at and who is working on what at any given time. –

Copper (formerly Prosperworks)

If you’re already using G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) or other cloud-based services, then Copper is the Customer Relationship Management tool for you. The app is built with G Suite customers in mind; using the same material design principles as all of Google’s own apps so that it quietly blend in. The integration is incredibly simple and provides all the data and features you would require from any good quality CRM system. –

Xero Accounting

Xero Accounting is a beautifully simple app aimed at small businesses and start-ups to help them easily manage their finances. It includes features like invoicing, payroll and detailed reporting, while still remaining easy to use and importantly; free. –


Missing out on expenses due to lost receipts or spending too much time calculating at the end of every month? Expensify makes business travel a lot easier by keeping track of your purchases and providing detailed reports. Users can take a picture of their receipts or create new ones from online purchases which are then saved and organised. The app also integrates effortlessly with Xero. –


Need to sign a document? Signeasy allows you to save paper and avoid the frustration of trying to digitally sign something in a browser. You can sign, initial, and submit important documents and keep a detailed record of them within in the app. –


If you’re looking for an easy way to pull together and edit video content, Quik is a great option. It’s not a replacement for professional-level editing software, but it is a very easy way to create beautiful videos. The app is made by GoPro and works great with GoPro footage but it can also pull videos from your gallery or Google Photos or Facebook. There are automated tools for things like smart cuts and highlights, but you can also do everything by hand, and it’s also free! –


Pixlr is probably as close as you’re going to get to a Photoshop alternative. It’s completely web based, provides all the functionality you would look for in a photo editor and it’s free! Although as a result, it does contain some ads throughout so it might be worth upgrading with in-app purchases:


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