October 6, 2023
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5 steps for a successful Google Workspace migration 

In today's digital age, businesses are constantly evolving and seeking more efficient ways to manage their operations. Cloud migration has become a pivotal strategy for organisations to optimise their processes and enhance collaboration. 

Secure, user friendly and cost effective, Google Workspace is quickly becoming the solution of choice for businesses of all sizes. 

Migrating to a new work environment can seem like a lengthy and daunting process, but with the right approach and method in place, it can be easy and painless. In addition, having a trusted Google partner to guide you through the process, will make it a seamless and stress-free transition. 

At Cobry, we have over 10 years of experience of system migrations to Google Cloud and we have put together 5 easy steps to follow for a successful Google Workspace migration.

What is a Google Workspace migration?

First, let’s define what a migration actually is: migration involves the transfer of data from the organisation's existing storage system and moving it to Google Workspace.

The data is often split into two different types: communication data and files and documents. The two types of data need to be migrated into two different pipelines as they require a different approach.

Google workspace migration: files and documents
Google workspace migration: communication data

Step 1: Project Planning

The first step of the process is to clearly outline your requirements and criteria on what should be migrated to the new system and how it should be configured.

You will need to work with the teams across your organisation to identify which data needs to be migrated. This is also a great opportunity to clean your files and folders and remove unnecessary data.

Step 2: Initial Setup

The next step is technical configuration. At this stage you need to map out the migration and make sure that each user, group and settings from the old system are mirrored on the new one, so they have a place to go when they are migrated. 

It is also essential to set up your Google Workspace environment and ensure that it’s configured correctly for your intended use from day one.

Step 3: Bulk Migration 

This is the moment where all items from the old system are migrated to the new one. A test migration should be conducted first to ensure that the link between the two systems is working.

Step 4: DNS Record Switch 

The mailflow from the old system is switched to the new one. This is usually done on a weekend to avoid any disruption for the users. They sign off on a Friday from the old system, and when the users start working on Monday morning, they can log in to the new system and have everything already migrated and set up for them.

Step 5: Change Management

Having the technical side of the migration done, doesn’t mean that the system migration is now complete.

An essential part of a successful migration is the user training and adoption of the new system. The organisation needs to ensure that its employees are prepared for the transition, they are trained and know how to use the new tools effectively.

Switching to Google Workspace can greatly benefit your organisation. However, it must be done right from the start. That's why we recommend choosing a trusted Google Cloud partner to help you with the migration. You can leverage their knowledge, skills and tools to ensure a seamless transition.

How Cobry ensures successful migrations to Google Workspace

With expert knowledge and best practices, we will help your organisation not only with the technical process, but also with project management and change management.

As our customer, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager at the start of your project to be your point of contact for all things Google Workspace. They will work with you to understand your needs, develop a migration plan, and manage the change process.

We also offer a comprehensive change management programme to help your users transition to Google Workspace, which includes:

  • User training on all aspects of Google Workspace
  • Support for users who are struggling to adapt to the new platform
  • Communication and engagement with users throughout the migration process

We believe that by focusing on project management and change management, we can help you achieve a successful migration to Google Workspace.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionise the way your teams work. With Cobry, you’ll have a trusted team of experts, who will support you throughout every stage of the process. Your migration will be fast, easy and hassle-free for you and your organisation. 

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