August 10, 2023
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5 Things You Need Before You Deploy Looker


Deploying Looker can be a transformative step for your organisation. However, before diving into the deployment process, it's essential to address potential blockers that could hinder a successful integration.

In this blog, we'll explore the 5 key things you need before you deploy Looker. We will also review several disqualification factors or blockers that need to be resolved before embarking on a Looker deployment journey.

1. Data Warehouse

One of the primary disqualification factors for a Looker deployment is the absence of a well-structured and reliable data warehouse.

Looker depends on a centralised data repository to function effectively. Without a robust data warehouse in place, the foundation for generating insights and reports will be compromised.

Prioritise setting up a data warehouse, as Looker simply doesn’t function well without one.

2. Recently Modelled Data

Deploying Looker without clean, accurate, and comprehensive data is a recipe for disappointment. Not having analysis-ready data means there is a step between your raw data, and data ready to feed into Looker.

Ensure that data from various sources is properly integrated, cleaned, and validated before implementing Looker.

Make sure you have analysis-ready data.

3. Align Your Organisational Goals

If your organisation lacks a clear understanding of its goals and objectives, Looker deployment can quickly lose direction. Without alignment on the specific business outcomes you aim to achieve, Looker might not provide the expected value.

Take the time to engage with your staff and your teams, and define measurable objectives that Looker will help you attain. Clear alignment ensures that Looker's implementation focuses on generating actionable insights.

Set up a meeting with your department heads, and make sure they’re on board and ready to contribute to the deployment.

4. Resources

A Looker deployment requires data modelling, analytics, and infrastructure management expertise.

If your organisation lacks the necessary skills in-house, deployment can become a significant hurdle. Consider whether you have the resources to build and maintain the necessary infrastructure, hire skilled professionals, or partner with a consultancy to ensure a successful implementation.

Data work is expensive, but it has a very high ROI. Are you ready to commit to it?

If you don’t have data staff already, ensure you’re ready to hire during or shortly after the Looker launch.

5. Growth Mentality

Introducing Looker can trigger a cultural shift towards data-driven decision-making. However, resistance to change and a lack of organisational readiness can hinder adoption.

Employees may be attached to existing reporting methods or sceptical about a new analytics platform. Address resistance through clear communication, executive sponsorship, and a change management strategy that highlights the benefits of Looker for individual roles and the organisation as a whole.

Is you organisation Looker-ready?

While Looker offers immense potential for data-driven insights and decision-making, these blockers must be addressed before deployment.

Overcoming these challenges is not an easy task. Therefore, our Cobry Compass offering helps you navigate your data and get you Looker-ready. If you want help tackling any of the above, drop your email below, and we can help you out.

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