February 22, 2022
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8 reasons Cobry chose 1Password as our password manager (and why you should too)

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Cobry is an official 1Password partner. Read on to find out how 1Password can strengthen your organisation's cybersecurity down to the individual level!

Why does my organisation need a password manager?

No longer is the security of your organisation’s data and files just the IT crowd’s problem: every employee now works as a part-time cybersecurity guard. 

Any good cybersecurity initiative should consider the Human Factor. Our memories can only hold so much information. When was the last time you remembered a single incarnation of something as secure as bn2ecf@M-HX$gHq*, let alone a new one for every site?

Enter password managers such as 1Password. 

Much like writing down all your passwords on a notepad, except much more secure, password managers store every password for every site in one place, one you can access through a master password. A single password. One password, if you will.

Why is 1Password the ideal password manager?

It enables you to perform a mini security audit.

1Password has a feature called Watchtower that enables you to quickly review all your passwords. Clicking the dropdown will quickly show you if you’ve reused any passwords, if you have stored logins for unsecured websites or if any of your websites have had security breaches. It will also flag up any passwords its systems categorise as “weak” or “terrible”.

Their security is top-tier.

1Password data is encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption, which is also used by major banks, Google and government institutions such as the NSA and US Military. Even with a supercomputer, it would take at least 220 nonillion years to crack - a number that is neither made up, exaggerated, nor younger than the universe.

It’s not just for passwords.

1Password also enables you to store information such as credit card details, documents, medical records, secure notes and databases. Clicking the plus sign beside the search bar will provide more specific suggestions on what you can add.

You can organise your data into what 1Password calls “vaults”.

You can set up as many vaults as you want, based on whatever segmentation you would like: data type (credit card details, passwords, ID documents, etc); the purpose for which this data would be used (e.g. social media logins, project documents, etc); and who can access each vault. One handy feature is travel mode. When enabled, it will only permit access to vaults that have been marked as “safe for travel” and prevent customs officials from clapping eyes on any non-essential docs.

Your data is kept secret.

True to having tip-top security, 1Password forgoes the quick quid it could make from using trackers or displaying adverts. Perfect for those who value staying incognito!

You can leave the password creation to 1Password’s Chrome extension.

Remember our old friend bn2ecf@M-HX$gHq*?

Let’s take a step back: wouldn’t it be nice if you could generate something that impregnable in one click? With the 1Password Chrome extension added, every time you click on the password box when signing on for a service will be met with a hard-as-iron suggested password. Accepting it will store it, as well as your email address, in your account. The next time you log in will only require a click or a scan of your finger or face. 

Speaking of which…

Multi-factor authentication is built-in.

1Password constantly stays ahead of the authentication curve to offer users the latest and greatest in login experiences: two examples they have recently integrated into their systems are facial recognition and fingerprint scanning. So, as long as it works on your device itself, it will also work on 1Password!

The user interface is easy to navigate.

From getting started on your account to adding and accessing items, 1Password’s intuitive interface enables you to hit the ground running as a new user. 

Getting started

The best way to see how user-friendly it is? Give it a try! 1Password is offering a free 14 day trial for business accounts, and you don’t need to enter your credit card details!

Since you've made it this far, clearly, this is resonating! We're official 1password partners, so drop your email below, and one of our super-talented team members will help your organisation get set up with this trial at no extra cost to you!

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