Born in Scotland, working across the globe.

Cobry is a team born from a dream of connecting organisations to the best, most innovative cloud technology.

Working with us feels like spending time with your auld pals. Fun, enthusiastic transparent, and dedicated to helping you and your business succeed.



A wee picture of our delightful team enjoying a beverage in the (rare) Scottish sun.


Our Values

These three pillars hold up the foundations for every decision we make at Cobry.

Number 1


We get it; when it comes to tech, things move fast. That just means we have to move faster! We stay on our toes and we are always ready to respond to new changes and challenges.

Number 2


The empathy in our team is what makes Cobry, Cobry. We’re an accessible bunch of folk who are passionate about helping businesses transform - and we love doing it.

Number 3


We are not just an “IT company” - we are a dynamic team, full of energy and we make work with us fun and exciting. You don’t believe us? Get in touch and find out for yourself!

Our Approach

We know how difficult it can be to run a modern business. Using the latest cloud technology, we take that stress away by providing our customers with a tailored solution.

We start by listening. We want to fully understand your unique needs and challenges so we can provide the best services and solutions to them. Our ten years of experience mean that you get expertise and knowledge to establish best practices from day one.

Our definition of success is not only completing the technical project, but ensuring that everyone across the organisation feels confident and empowered to use the new technology and processes.

It’s the people, not the products, that matter most. That’s why our approach is second to none.

Cobry employees huddled around a laptop.
Cobry employees in a conferencing scenario

Secure, sustainable, efficient, and collaborative

The way we work is changing. Business environments today are more dynamic and fast-paced; and companies need to ensure that their teams can work effectively and collaboratively no matter where or when.

Technology needs to be fast, accessible, secure, and environmentally sustainable. Using the power of the Cloud, we can help your business adapt to change and create a future-proof workplace. 

Ready to unlock the potential of Google Cloud?

Get in touch and we’ll help you work smarter, not harder.

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