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Hello, we’re Cobry!

Official Google Cloud Partners, based in Scotland, working worldwide.

We help organisations move to and make the most of the cloud with G Suite – Google’s workplace collaboration platform.

Heads in the Clouds

With over a decade of experience in helping organisations make the move to the cloud, we’ve seen a huge range of benefits for our customers, including increased security, improved collaboration, productivity and business agility.

Meet The Team

Colin Bryce

Colin Bryce

Colin founded Cobry in 2013 and has since grown and developed the company as it’s Managing Director to where it is today. He has a huge amount of experience in cloud computing, having moved his first organisation all the way back in 2008.

Colin is a big believer in continuous professional development, and ensures that he and the rest of the team are always learning and developing their skill sets.

Wes Dowding

Wes Dowding

Wes is our Operations Lead, so his time is spent looking after all of our internal processes and ensuring that all of our security and compliance requirements are passed with flying colours (blue, green, yellow and red, mainly…).

Known as the X-Man in our office, Wes is the only member of Generation X and thoroughly enjoys taking us on trips down memory lane when he gets control of the music.

Rowan Manson

Rowan Manson

Rowan is our Technical Lead, overseeing all of our technical projects, including migrations, configurations and deployments. He also provides customer support and delivers training sessions for G Suite and 3rd party apps.

As well as technical expertise, he’s also our in-house barista – ensuring the whole team is suitably caffeinated with some rather extravagant blending and pouring.

Wiktor Jurek

Wiktor Jurek

Wiktor our Development Lead, but his role can only be truly summarised as Cloud Wizard. His ability to think outside the box to find new solutions surprises us every day, as well as delivering projects in record time.

Wiktor also provides customer support and writes scripts to automate processes, all with a huge grin on his face, to the tune of the many sea shanties he’s somehow (and for some reason..) found the RAM capacity to store in his head.

Gordon Kedslie

Gordon Kedslie

Gordon is our Sales and Marketing Lead, so a lot of his time is spent helping customers find the right solutions and creating content. He also helps our clients through every step of their journey, making sure that each project is delivered as promised.

Gordon also gets hands-on with technical work, although his greatest strength seems to be with ping pong paddle, as he remains undefeated in the office.

Rares Lungu

Rareș Lungu

Rares is one of our in-house Developers who assists with all technical projects, including writing custom scripts to streamline workflows, creating dashboards for data visualisation and providing top quality customer support.

Rares is also well known for keeping a cool head under pressure – his voice has never risen above regular speaking levels and regardless of the challenge, it’s highly likely he’ll respond with “it’s not a problem”.

Our Services

We work with a wide range of organisations and partners, tailoring our services to not only meet, but surpass our customers’ expectations and technological requirements.


  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Scripting
  • Data Visualisation


  • Project Planning
  • Internal Comms
  • New Workflows
  • User Training


  • Best Practices
  • Best Tools
  • Integrations
  • Security


  • Business Laptops
  • Video Conference
  • Smartboards
  • Device Mgmt


  • Helpdesk & Admin
  • Security Mgmt
  • On/Offboarding
  • Innovation

Our Solutions

It’s incredibly important to build your organisation on solid foundations, that’s why our solutions are all built on Google Cloud and G Suite. From this secure base, organisations can scale up and down as required while reaping the benefits of the most advanced computing system on the market and the wide range of integrated 3rd party tools.