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Hello, we’re Cobry!

Official Google Cloud Partners, based in Scotland, working worldwide.

We help organisations move to and make the most of the cloud with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) – Google’s workplace collaboration platform.

Heads in the Clouds

With over a decade of experience in helping organisations make the move to the cloud, we’ve seen a huge range of benefits for our customers, including increased security, improved collaboration, productivity and business agility.

Meet The Team

Colin Bryce

Colin Bryce

Colin founded Cobry in 2013 and has since grown and developed the company as it’s Managing Director to where it is today. He has a huge amount of experience in cloud computing, having moved his first organisation all the way back in 2008.

Colin is a big believer in continuous professional development, and ensures that he and the rest of the team are always learning and developing their skill sets.

Gordon Kedslie

Gordon Kedslie

Gordon is our Senior Sales Engineer, so a lot of his time is spent helping customers find the right solutions and helping our clients through every step of their journey, making sure that each project is delivered as promised.

Gordon also gets hands-on with technical work, although his greatest strength seems to be with ping pong paddle, as he remains undefeated in the office.

Wiktor Jurek

Wiktor Jurek

Wiktor is our Development Lead, but his role can only be truly summarised as Cloud Wizard. His ability to think outside the box to find new solutions surprises us every day, as well as delivering projects in record time.

He creates dashboards and writes scripts to automate processes, all with a huge grin on his face, to the tune of the many sea shanties he’s (for some reason..) found the RAM capacity to store in his head.

Luke Macpherson

Luke MacPherson

Luke is our Senior Customer Engineer, overseeing all of our technical projects, including migrations, configurations and deployments. He also provides customer support and delivers training sessions for Google Workspace and 3rd party apps.

Luke enjoys regularly schooling the rest of us on the latest cloud tools, and developing migration strategies to make the seemingly impossible, possible!

Rares Lungu

Rareș Lungu

Rares is one of our in-house Developers who assists with all technical projects, including writing custom scripts to streamline workflows, creating dashboards for data visualisation and providing top quality customer support.

Rares is also well known for keeping a cool head under pressure – his voice has never risen above regular speaking levels and regardless of the challenge, it’s highly likely he’ll respond with “it’s not a problem”.


Joe McMaster

Joe is our Partnership Lead, spending his time nurturing relationships with our partners and scoping out future opportunities. As well as this he’s well versed in the latest Google Workspace updates, and their benefits.

He’s also fluent in French, and is an avid ping pong player in the office, boasting a playing style we feel is brimming with panache.

Jodi Mcneil

Jodi Mcneil

Jodi is our Marketing Lead, so spends lots of her time reading up on the latest Google Workspace & cloud news to create fresh content to keep all of our customers up-to-date!

When she’s not creating videos and analysing stats, Jodi loves to run, which is apparently just as well, as she’s an excellent baker, and also fluida en español!


Aiden Laurie

Aiden is one of our Customer Engineers, helping customers make the most of Google Workspace! He’s always fast to respond to support tickets, provide training sessions and deliver migration projects.

When he’s not monitoring our support desk, you can find him on the football pitch, watching any sport available or travelling the world in his time off!


Lewis Conroy

Lewis is one of our in-house Developers. He uses his scripting skills to automate workflows for our customers as well as utilising his talents to help them visualise data and solve problems.

When he’s not working on projects, Lewis loves to read – which he will be hoping to be able to do in two languages soon as he continues to learn French in his spare time.  He’s also an avid guitar player!

Steve Cain

Steve Cain

Steve is our Google Workspace Lead, originally from Liverpool, he’s an ardent Everton fan who loves watching sport! He has 10+ years experience with Google’s tools, ensuring our customers always make the most of Workspace.

He’s very well connected at Google, and often appears on podcasts and interviews with the tech giant, as well as on some of your favourite TV quiz shows like The Weakest Link & Call Yourself a Fan!


Ian McMillan

Ian is our Customer Success lead, he works closely with new and existing clients to make sure that they are getting the most out of their cloud journey and helps identify ways in which the Google tools can further help them succeed.

When he isn’t supporting our wonderful clients, Ian enjoys adding to his ever-expanding collection of vinyl records and playing with his Golden Retriever, Scout, who likes to make an appearance on video calls!


Lisa Condron

Lisa is the People Success Lead here at Cobry. In her role she helps the full team by making sure everyone has the support and knowledge needed to develop and thrive. She’s also been known to put together some great social events!

In her free time she enjoys being outdoors – be that working in her allotment garden or climbing a hill! You might also find her reading something by her favourite authors Neil Gaiman and John Irving.

Our Services

We work with a wide range of organisations and partners, tailoring our services to not only meet, but surpass our customers’ expectations and technological requirements.


  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Data Scripting
  • Data Visualisation


  • Project Planning
  • Internal Comms
  • New Workflows
  • User Training


  • Best Practices
  • Best Tools
  • Integrations
  • Security


  • Business Laptops
  • Video Conference
  • Smartboards
  • Device Mgmt


  • Helpdesk & Admin
  • Security Mgmt
  • On/Offboarding
  • Innovation

Our Solutions

It’s incredibly important to build your organisation on solid foundations, that’s why our solutions are all built on Google Cloud and G Suite. From this secure base, organisations can scale up and down as required while reaping the benefits of the most advanced computing system on the market and the wide range of integrated 3rd party tools.