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It has never been more important in business to provide your customers and users with outstanding experiences. This is no easy task however, especially if you have applications running on legagcy systems. Apigee, Google's API Management tool can help you modernise these applications and provide new digital experiences for your users. 

Cobry helps you make the most of your API or database needs. If you need a team of experts that can help you monetise, modernise or make your data work for you - Cobry is here.

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Deployment flexibility

Abigee hybrid gives you the power to choose where to host your API's, whether that's on premise, Google Cloud or hybrid. This enables you to leverage your current complaince and security infrastructure whilst also harnessing cloud capabilities such as analytics, monitoring & developer portal.

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API-first integration

Apigee Integration brings together the best of API Management and Integration into a single platform by leveraging cloud-native architecture principles which will enable your  IT teams to scale operations, accelerate developer velocity and increase speed to market.

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Zero Disruption

With support from Cobry, you can modernise and migrate legacy applications without disruption to existing processess and applications. Therefore, you can be assured that your users and employees will continue to be satisfied, even during the digital transformation. 

Discover how Experian used the Apigee API management platform to digitally transform from a traditional credit bureau to a true technology and software provider. 

Thanks to API's the business can now make smarter decisions whilst enabling individuals to take financial control. 

How Experian secured customer data and accelerated time to market

Apigee's API Management key features

Multilayer security and privacy

Apigee enables you to add multiple layers to API security such as Cloud Armor, CMEK, IAM and other cloud security capabilities. If that's not enough, you can also leverage its flexibility to store data in the region of your choice.

AI-powered API monitoring

Apigee's AI-powered monitoring gives you the power to turn data into actionable insights. It predicts API traffic patterns, detects anomalies in real time, and even protects APIs against malicious bot attacks.

Global reach, high performance, and reliability

With Apigee, you can expand the global reach of your API programs by hosting across Google's worldwide cloud network as well as optimising for last-mile performance and caching with Cloud CDN.

Apigee: full lifecycle API Management in 5 minutes

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