April 16, 2021
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AppSheet – No-code Application Development

Welcome back to the Cobry Cafetiere of Cloud Knowledge - your Friday morning break fuelled by the hot beverage of your choice and some Cobry Cafetiere knowledge! This week we're discussing AppSheet, so let's dive right in!

AppSheet is Google’s no-code application development platform. It allows users to create mobile, tablet and web applications without using code. The platform integrates with Google Workspace, allowing you to use your data sources to quickly and easily create custom apps that will adapt to your business processes. Essentially, if you can create a spreadsheet, you can create an App using AppSheet. 

What are the benefits of AppSheet? 


AppSheet users can create bespoke apps, automate processes and supercharge operations without ever writing a line of code. The platform's agility allows applications to be developed quickly and saves your employees valuable time. Moreover, without the need to outsource developers, your apps can be made in-house by those that know your business best. 

Employee Empowerment

Who better to create an App than the people using it? AppSheet empowers the employees in your organisation to create apps, no matter their background. The platform enables citizen developers (those with no coding experience) to create apps that address their specific needs and the problems they are trying to solve. It does this by providing them with tools and functionality that convert app building into a simple process. 

Google Workspace integration

AppSheet integrates seamlessly with Google Workspace, meaning that you can connect your AppSheet app to your pre-existing data sources in Workspace such as Google Sheets and Drive. In addition, AppSheet automatically adopts the Workspace security features and permissions that you have in place. This means that when starting with AppSheet you can hit the ground running, no need to worry about switching between platforms or updating security settings.

The power of no-code allows apps to be developed quickly

How Cobry can help with AppSheet

At Cobry, we are dedicated to serving our clients with best-in-class tools. That’s why we partnered with AppSheet. The AppSheet services we provide are:

Development and Deployment 

Want to take the task of creating an App off your hands? We can develop and deploy an application for you. Our experts will take time to understand your business and the app you want to create. Next, we will build and deploy the app, ensuring that it solves the problem you identified and transforms your business processes.

Training, enablement & Support 

We also offer basic and advanced training sessions which will empower your employees to take charge of the platform and create innovative apps. Additionally, we can be your point of contact whenever you need support using the platform, with a direct line to Google, we will ensure that you are always getting the most out of the platform.

AppSheet samples and features

AppSheet provides a library of sample apps which you can replicate or take inspiration from when creating your own. These samples span across many industries. Thus, no matter where your organisation lies, you’ll find the tools and capabilities to help you succeed and achieve digital transformation. 

Moreover, using and exploring these apps will enable you to discover AppSheets innovative features that will supercharge your business processes. Some of these include: 

Data Capture

Apps created on AppSheet allow its end users to record a variety of data types including pre-determined text and checkboxes, QR codes, barcodes, signatures and more. All of which are customisable to suit the needs of your business. 

Data Reporting

AppSheets ability to leverage data recorded in applications is one of its winning features. Your data can be analysed and visualised in many different ways, ready for use in informed decision making and improving business operations. 

Offline functionality

AppSheet apps can also work offline. This means that its users can upload data which will be processed once they have signal again. This means that your employees can work no matter where they are. 

AppSheet features

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