Digitally transforming & improving your organisational processes

What is AppSheet?


AppSheet is a no-code development platform that can be used to create mobile, tablet and web applications. Connect data from Google Drive or Google Sheets to achieve digital transformation, streamline processes and increase productivity across your organisation.

What can you do with AppSheet?

Create Apps quickly with no code

Quickly and easily create and deploy apps that adapt to your processes and provide solutions to your exact business needs.

Digitise & Streamline Processes

 Replace outdated paper-based processes with mobile solutions to provide easier data entry, more storage, immediate access to records, and other benefits.

Empower Teams & Increase Productivity

Connect processes and teams using AppSheet to support effective collaboration and reduce time spent completing key processes.

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Training & Enablement

Our team of experts can empower anyone in your organisation to create and deploy business applications using Appsheet through our interactive training sessions.


By combining our business productivity expertise & advanced AppSheet skills we can deliver true mobile solutions for any organisation.

Use Cases

Paper-based management systems are expensive to administer. They are also notoriously insecure and inaccurate because paper can get lost or stolen and must be meticulously filed and tracked.

AppSheet has solved this problem and helped many enterprises to leave paper behind by:

  • Offering a simple way of collecting data which helps to ensure workers move faster and reduces data errors from traditional paper forms.
  • Including advanced features like Barcode/NFC Scanning, Signature Blocks and Embedded Camera functionality which offer enterprises more flexibility with their processes.

Enterprises need to bring digital transformation to the field and empower employees with the data and resources they need to be more productive.

Ensuring governance and compliance across the enterprise is also critical to allow for frictionless, low-risk adoption by teams across the organisation.

How AppSheet Solves these problems:

  • Enterprises can set up advanced workflows to send emails or SMS notifications and even generate documentation when certain criteria are met.
  • AppSheet can integrate seamlessly with the enterprise, leveraging domain-based authentication and domain groups to centrally control access to its apps.
  • Multiple/rich device reach means employees in the field on mobile devices and tablets can use the same app as those in the office to support cross-team collaboration on key processes.
  • Built-in offline capabilities ensure that employees with low connectivity are able to stay productive from wherever they need to be.

Some enterprises have now realised the need for them to move off paper and to go digital. Their first stop is spreadsheets and online forms as a fast way to modernise their paper-based processes.

If they’ve done this for multiple processes, they may be feeling the pain of the limitations that come with forms or spreadsheets. This could see them looking for more mature features or possibilities (such as more complex processes, embedded intelligence or automation) whilst retaining the simplicity of their current forms.

Most No-Code App Development tools are canvas-driven which means users have to burn time designing their application. AppSheet is data-driven, which means users can leverage the same datasets they’re using today with more complex applications.

How AppSheet Adds value:

  • AppSheet can work with your Google Cloud tools such as Drive or Sheets meaning no data migration should be required.
  • Enterprises can even leverage On-prem data sources, such as SQL databases to enrich their applications with other valuable datasets.
  • AppSheet does not store data but simply acts as a pass-through platform, allowing the appropriate data to pass through between the data source to the end-user
  • Advanced features like Barcode Scanning, Optical Character Recognition for paper forms or Photo Capture allow users to extend functionality beyond that of basic no-code platforms.

If you believe your organisation could benefit from going digital with AppSheet, please get in touch. Our team of experts will be on hand to understand your business needs and provide bespoke solutions that will transform your organisation.