June 3, 2021
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Awingu – Everything you need to know


A common problem faced by organisations working with both desktop and cloud-based SaaS is the constant moving between environments in order to access applications. This can cause many issues such as workflow disruption, and reduced productivity and efficiencies. Awingu provides a secure and uncomplicated platform that empowers users to get the most out of their hybrid setup by aggregating all applications into one place. Sound useful? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Awingu!

Awingu - a unified working environment

Awingu is a unified browser-based workspace that offers secure access to company files and software. This includes both cloud-based and legacy web and SaaS applications. Essentially, it is a really simple and secure way of accessing local apps and desktops alongside cloud-based apps such as those belonging to Google Workspace. The value in this being that it enables you to access everything you need through the browser, on any device, on any operating system. Therefore, giving you the freedom to choose exactly how you work.

How does Awingu work?

Awingu is provided as a virtual linux-based appliance which you can install on your choice of cloud. Importantly, you are always in control of your infrastructure and the whereabouts of your data - you can even move from cloud to cloud without being locked in. 

Awingu’s proprietary HTML5 gateway translates RDP into HTML5. Thus making legacy window applications or desktops available in a browser. In simpler terms, thanks to Awingu you can remotely access all of your desktop-based and cloud-based apps in one place via a browser such as Google Chrome!

The problem with alternative solutions

Not all applications are designed to work through the browser, meaning that those using desktop software or working in a hybrid model can often find themselves switching between platforms or environments. This can cause unnecessary friction as employees move between tasks and, as a result, reduce productivity levels. Awingu solves this problem as it allows users to seamlessly access all legacy and cloud-based applications through a unified working environment. Hence, increasing productivity and providing employees with an enhanced user experience. 

Additionally, implementation of new software in an organisation often has connotations of huge change and a lot of time required. This, however, is not the case with Awingu as its uncomplicated model enables setup to be performed in as little as four simple steps. Awingu achieves this by using an all-in-one turnkey solution, simple gateway architecture and HTML5 access via any browser. This means that Awingu will slide in, frictionlessly, to your existing environment without causing disruption. 

Why Awingu?

As has been mentioned above, Awingu’s uncomplicated setup and model is one of the plethora of reasons why it is a great tool for creating a unified working environment. So let’s consider some of the other key benefits of Awingu.

Enables a more secure remote working strategy

One of the great benefits of Awingu is it being able to enable a more secure BYOD or even work from home strategy. It acts as a platform for users to access all company applications, desktops and files remotely - through the browser. This browser-based focus means that users needn’t install software or plugins to access their Awingu Workspace. They merely need to securely login with the added protection of multi-factor authentication. This absolutely solidifies a remote working strategy that is secure, irrespective of device.

Google Workspace & Chrome integration 

Of course, we wouldn’t have Awingu in our Solutions Stack if it wasn’t for a deep integration with Google Workspace and Google Chrome hardware. Awingu utilises Google SSO as the main access point to the online environment. So simply put - you use your Google Workspace account to login to Awingu. From which, you will then be able to access your favourite Google Workspace apps as well as legacy applications. 

To conclude, Awingu is a powerful solution which enables you to aggregate all of your cloud-based and legacy software into one secure platform. Enabling it alongside Google Workspace will enable employees to easily access all of the applications they need through the browser on any device, without the hassle of switching between environments. If you’d like to find out more about Awingu for your organisation, please get in touch

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