Benefits of the Cloud

How the cloud can change the way you work for the better.

There are multiple ways that the cloud can be used to increase productivity, collaboration and innovation. These are just a few.

Enjoy long-term cost savings

Working in the cloud eliminates often expensive server costs and requires much less ‘break/fix’ support due to the exceptional reliability of the cloud. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) pricing starts from £55 per user annually and has shown a 35% average annual reduction in IT costs.

Enable your team to collaborate

The cloud allows users to work better together. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) allows real-time collaborative working using Docs, Sheets, and Slides. One study found that employees gained 9 hours of increased productivity per person per week after moving to Google Workspace.

A secure and reliable system

Google employs over 550 security staff and invests millions of dollars every year to ensure the highest level of security. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has a 99.9% uptime guarantee which has not dropped since the launch of the product in 2008.

A suite of tools that lets your team work smarter.

There are so many aspects of a cloud-based IT system that businesses can benefit from. Switching to running on the cloud will open new opportunities for your team to collaborate together and achieve more. In our experience, Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has demonstrated that it stands out from the competition in this respect.

What’s more, Forrester surveys report that over 3 years, organisations using Google Workspace saw; a 304% return on investment and a 40% reduction in management travel costs thanks to Hangouts, while collaboration features helped workers save up to 2 hours per week – 13 full work days per year.

“A major benefit of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) compared to other products is that we get access to new features and functionality all the time, with no upgrades to worry about and at no extra cost,”


“Google Workspace stood out because it’s truly an integrated toolset, with single sign-on and one directory. We felt that Google would continue to be the biggest innovator in cloud collaboration and a partner we could grow with.”


“Google is revolutionizing collaboration and individual productivity through AI, making it easier for our team members to streamline their workflows.”


What do organisations say about the cloud?

“There was no question that Google offered the best solution that my company needed. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) has had a huge impact on time efficiency and organisational management, and has future-proofed our IT systems.”

“Using Google Drive gave us the ability to share our files across different users and work simultaneously on the same document and see updates that people were making in real time.”