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Chrome Devices

Image of a chromebook flip.


With no need to update, maintain, service or worry about malware, Chromebooks revolutionise the way you work. They allow for an efficient, sleek and productive work environment.

  • Fast 
  • Portable
  • Virtually unlimited storage
A photo of a Google chromebox.


Using the same OS as the Chromebook, this desktop introduces the ability to plug in your own monitor, keyboard and mouse, minus the bulkiness you get with a traditional desktop tower.

  • Most powerful way to use Chrome OS
  • No maintenance 
  • Designed for productivity

Chrome OS

ChromeOS is a speedy, simple and secure operating system. It integrates directly into Google Workspace, helping you and your business increase productivity, efficiency, embrace change and most importantly, be more secure.

One of the primary benefits of Chrome OS is its security, with inherent features such as sandboxing, verified boot, and automatic updates. Each device equiped with Chrome OS enables cloud workers to excel in their role, from the office to the frontline.

Financing Options

Cobry is partnering with TD SYNNEX Capital to offer you the option to buy hardware on finance. 

  • First payment deferrals of 30/60/90 days
  • 12 to 60 month payment terms
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual payments

Spread the payments over time, avoid large upfront expenditure and stay within budget! 


Interactive whiteboarding with Avocor

Series One Board 65

Bring teams together for more efficient, equitable and intuitive collaboration. The interactive touch 65-inch board can be wall mounted or placed on a purpose-built stand for mobility. 

  • Seamless integration with Google Meet and The Jamboard app
  • Handsfree Google AI 
  • All in one EPTZ camera, truevoice audio and mic 
A photo of an avocor desk 27.

Google Meet series one desk 27

An all in one touchscreen Google Meet device, desk monitor, laptop docking station and digital whiteboard. 

Immersive, effortless and approachable - a game changer for meeting equity at the desktop. Optimized for Google Meet, Desk 27 can also be used with any conferencing service.

  • USB-C for laptop 
  • Smooth, tilting all-glass surface for whiteboarding 
  • All-in-one camera, truevoice audio and mic. 

Video Conferencing Kits

Any Room, Anywhere

Ranging from a wide view camera for smaller rooms, to a pan-tilt-zoom camera to capture larger conferences in high resolution, the Google Meet kit fits rooms of all sizes. With multiple microphones working together, you're guaranteed perfect audio throughout your meetings. 

  • Simple setup, effortless use
  • Auotmatic updates 
  • Self-diagnosing any technical problems 

Looking for support in managing your devices?

Cobry can supply, configure and offer support for your devices.

Enjoy faster deployment, managed security, and IT support when you need it.

Device management graphic.

Build for the Future with Cobry and Google Cloud → 

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