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Every business is now a data business. A great business is one that knows how to take its organisational data and draw meaningful insights from it to support great decision making.

Looker is a powerful business intelligence tool designed to give everyone in your organisation the power to uncover the data needed to answer any question.

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One Source of truth

Looker unifies teams around reliable insights by helping you define the universal metrics that drive your business whilst giving single-point access to trustworthy data.

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Multiple sources & deployment methods

Looker connects with multiple deployment methods and data sources from BigQuery to Redshift without compromising on transparency, security or privacy.

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Integrated insights & data-driven workflows

Looker can unify and empower your team to make more effective, data-driven decisions by invigorating their workflows with fresh, reliable data.

How Cobry do data

Take a look at the video and the text below to find out how Cobry approach business intelligence projects with our customers.

Data Governance Committee

Firstly, we create a data governance commitee, made up of key actors in the organisation and begin to probe areas of the business in order to identify a centralised source of truth. 

Technical Deployment

Next, we deploy the Looker platform and work closely with you to ensure that you are working with the data and metrics you need. 

Change Management 

Finally, we do what we do best - change management. We spend time training your team and sharing best practices that will allow everyone to get the most out of Looker. 


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See Looker in action!

Still wondering whether Looker is the best tool for your business? Check out the video to the left and see it in action, being used by Lookers Chief Data Evangelist. 

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