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Who are we?

Cobry was founded in 2013 with a view that there was a better way for technology to work for business. It was also started with a vision of making the best possible environment to work in whilst being responsible and ethical in how it engaged with customers, suppliers, and partners. Our approach has led to significant growth.

Our people are our number one priority at Cobry – we strive to give every one of our team the opportunity to be their best possible selves.

Doing this means: opportunities to constantly improve skills and knowledge, you influencing how your role is delivered, opportunities to be involved in the thick of things, a wide variety of projects, recognition of a job well done & the opportunity to work with a dynamic & highly collaborative team.

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Why work with us?

Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development is at the heart of Cobry. Working here, you will have the opportunity to learn, gain new skills and earn certifications. You will be empowered to excel in your role and contribute to the continual success of the organisation.

Work / Life

Getting the right work-life balance is extremely important. Cobry offers you the flexibility to set your working hours, the possibility of remote work and equipment tailored to the needs of your job role. 

at Work

We believe that with freedom, people thrive. That’s why working at Cobry, you’ll be encouraged to take ownership of the work you do and will have the freedom to set yourself goals and apply your own approach to your responsibilities.


22 days holiday with bank holidays floating, enhanced pension contribution, 60 mins break time, flexible working location, flexible working hours, social events eg. meals, gin-tasting etc, coffee sent to home, support for WFH equipment, high quality IT equipment, active support of continuous professional development.


Strategic Partnership Lead

About the role

We need someone to manage and develop our work with our partners. As our outreach capacity and involvement with other businesses continue to grow, you’ll be at the forefront, ensuring that our partnerships are fruitful and successful.

Cobry puts a significant emphasis on partnerships – the reason we’re able to grow so fast is, in good part, due to the people and organisations we work with. Partnerships are vital to Cobry’s success, and you’ll be leading that work. 

Because we’re Google Cloud Partners, our largest partner relationship is Google. You’ll be involved in ensuring that our communications, strategy, and planning is in line with theirs. Google is a big company, so you’ll be expected to manage the logistics behind the partner programme. We’ve been doing that for years, so we’ll guide you through it.

The role has a fundamental element in reaching out and connecting with organisations; of course Google, but also other Google Cloud partners, businesses who may appear to be competitors, and more. Your job is to establish strategic relationships with people that bring value to Cobry. Engaging and nurturing relationships is a core part of the role. Strong connections to our Partners, especially Google, will contribute directly to the success of Cobry as a business.


You will be responsible for

On a day to day basis, you will

  • Reach out, develop relationships, and make connections that lead to new business for Cobry.
  • Be the first point of contact for enquiries from organisations we’re partnered with.
  • Assessing and looking for partner software solutions to add to Cobry’s offerings and improve different areas of the business.
  • Be the primary liaison between Cobry and Google.
  • Linking Cobry employees with relevant stakeholders at other organisations.
  • Carry out systematic market research for potential competitors and partners.
  • Work closely with Cobry’s various departments to understand pain points that potential partnerships could solve. 
  • Develop and implement partnership strategies across different facets of the business.

You will need

To excel in this position, you need to bring the following:

  • Ability to influence and communicate effectively.
  • Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, fluid, and collaborative environment.
  • Excellent analytical, advisory, discussion, and written communication skills, with exceptional leadership skills.
  • Enthusiasm about technology, and how it can be used to make businesses work better.

Experience that would help you in this role

  • Experience in sales
  • Experience in business development, and process improvement
  • Experience in marketing and communication

To succeed in this role, you don’t require any specific qualifications. We’re interested in drive, new ideas, and the ability to create value for the business.

The people part

We place a great emphasis on our culture. We’re a highly collaborative company using the latest technologies, and you can expect to deal with multiple teams with different ways of working. If you are an empathetic, understanding and self-motivated person, you will excel at Cobry.

What’s in it for you

We value continuous professional & personal development – and we’re not just saying that; we really mean it! You’ll have the opportunity to spend a portion of in-work hours on professional development, and we have other options for self-paced training.  Our work in Google Cloud means there are many opportunities in specific technology areas too, so you can sharpen up your technical, sales, or marketing skills using our learning platforms. You’ll also be part of a tight-knit team that have a clear vision of how they make a difference.


Why Cobry?

Our team has great freedom in their work and the corresponding responsibility to do the right thing for our customers. Instead of controlling the Cobry team with process and bureaucracy, we enable innovation by providing great autonomy, so you can do the job you need to do without micro-management. The team will empower you to excel in your role and contribute to the organisation’s continued success. You’ll also have the opportunity to constantly improve your skills and knowledge, influencing how your role is delivered. You’ll also be involved in the thick of things, a wide variety of projects, recognition of a job well done & the opportunity to work with a dynamic & highly collaborative team.

You’ll also have:

  • Four-day work week (following successful 3-month onboarding) 
  • Holidays! 🏖 22 days holiday (with bank holidays floating)
  • Enhanced pension contribution 💸
  • Flexible working location 🏞
  • Flexible working hours ⏳
  • Social events, e.g. meals, gin-tasting etc. 🍷 
  • Coffee sent to your home ☕
  • Financial support for WFH equipment 
  • The latest tech equipment to do your job 💻
  • Active support of continuous professional development 👩‍🏫
  • Cobry book club, where you can order a few books a month to keep! 📚
  • Access to our Cobry wellbeing hub, which includes free membership to calm.


Salary: £25,000

Closing Date: 19/11/21

Can’t see something for you? Not to worry, we’re always looking for talented individuals to join our team! So, if you feel like you have something to bring to the table, don’t hesitate to get in touch.