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Expert Pensions Advice is a team of chartered financial planners who specialise in pension and pension transfer advice. Based in Scotland, they have a unique method of business delivery as they operate entirely online.

Challenges Faced

Operating within the high compliance environment of financial services means that security is paramount to EPA. What’s more, as a solely online business, they needed a technology which was collaborative and would elevate their clients’ experiences.

These were exciting challenges brought to us at Cobry as we knew that the possibilities to configure Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), coupled with our expertise, would provide EPA with a solution that would satisfy both their security needs and their clients’ expectations.

Project Delivery


At Cobry we understand that every organisation has unique needs, and so, their Google Workspace environment should also be unique. EPA expressed that their biggest concern is security, with numerous Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulations that must be satisfied in order to be allowed to operate. By conducting a Security Review of EPA’s domain we were able to identify potential weak spots and threats and provide advice that would optimise their Google Workspace security. 

With Cobry's recommendation, the full EPA team started working on Chromebooks, which enables them to fully embrace the Google Ecosystem as the machines seamlessly integrate with each of the individual tools. Additionally, the use of 2 Factor Authentication and Security Keys means that the EPA team and their clients can be assured that their data and files are completely secure and only allow authorised access. 



EPA further elevates their customer experience by using the Jamboard (a collaborative, digital whiteboard built for the cloud). Using this technology allows the EPA team to educate their clients on complicated pension matters and provide them with personalised advice in the form of annotated documents. These Jam sessions, which are facilitated through Google Meet, are recorded and stored securely in EPA's personal Google Drive folder.

This means that clients can rewatch the session at any time and remind themselves of the important advice they were given. This function not only satisfies EPA’s clients, but can also be used as proof that they are complying with regulations set out by financial services governing bodies.

The Results

Cobry and Expert Pensions Advice have worked together for 10 years, and we continue to advise them on the latest Google Workspace features that will maintain their security at the highest possible level, ensuring that they consistently meet and exceed industry standards. 

What’s more, through embracing Google Workspace and all of its tools, EPA were able to enhance the customer experience and achieve high levels of client satisfaction. 

"Having dealt with Cobry for 10 years, we have built our security to the highest level, and it is constantly maintained at that level.
I have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody. They are world-class."

-– John Reynolds, Director of Expert Pensions Advice

End Result

Google Workspace Logo.

Expert Pensions Advice is an excellent example of how Google Workspace can be used to take your business to the next level. Are you ready to do the same? Start your journey by booking a discovery call or sending us a message using the form below.

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