Cobry helped N21 facilitate hybrid working, while improving productivity, collaboration and security, by moving to, and making the most of Google Workspace.

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N21 is a global performance marketing group whose mission is to activate better e-commerce results for brands around the globe. The group works with some of the most forward-thinking, dynamic brands and employs some of the most talented affiliate marketers to help these brands prosper. Since their people are their power, N21 needs to provide their employees with the most flexible, innovative and bespoke technology. 

Unfortunately, before partnering with Cobry, this was not the case for N21. Their reliance on legacy IT infrastructure meant that huge costs and inefficiencies were incurred. Meanwhile, employees were growing increasingly fatigued by endless IT issues and downtime. 

To add fuel to the fire, remote work (essential for the employees of a globally dispersed organisation) was complicated by VPN requirements, and trying to book a meeting room was made near impossible due to inadequate software. 

All in all, N21’s IT setup was not adding value for their employees. Something had to be done.

How Cobry helped

A cost-effective, efficient and reliable IT infrastructure
Previously, N21 was operating with on-premise servers which were extremely expensive, unsustainable and unreliable - they often left employees unable to work due to non-exhaustive IT issues and downtime. To solve these problems, Cobry migrated N21 to Google Workspace - a cloud-first IT solution. Thanks to this move, N21’s team could enjoy the luxury of Google’s 99.9% uptime guarantee and get work done, assured that they wouldn’t be running into any unwanted IT issues.

A greener digital infrastructure
In addition, N21 works hard to be more sustainable by working closely with Ecologi, and carries out many amazing activities related to carbon offsetting. Their move to Google Workspace - the greenest cloud in the industry - nicely complements this work. Not only was N21 now working better, but also more sustainably. 

A simple and effortless remote work setup 
N21 has been growing rapidly and continues to do so. Therefore, they needed a way to be able to effectively welcome new employees into the team and get them set up for success.

Cobry helped N21 develop a slick onboarding process that, when new employees joined the team, would create an action for Cobry to provision and deliver a company device to the employee, meaning they would be ready to go right from day one. During the employee's first weeks at N21, they would also be enrolled into our onboarding sessions where we would train them on the Google Workspace tools that they would be using day-in-day-out.

Security was also a huge concern for the team at N21 as they wanted to ensure that their company devices were secure and company data safe. To help them achieve this, Cobry conducted a Security Review of N21’s Google Workspace environment. This included identifying the needs and requirements of the business and configuring settings in such a way that would protect the organisation whilst also ensuring that the tools were still easy to use for employees. 

Seamless collaboration for a remote team 
As a team which spans across many regions and countries, effective collaboration is essential for success at N21. Unfortunately, on N21’s previous IT setup, this was infeasible. The team weren’t able to share docs or important files with one another, and attempting to collaborate was an altogether tedious task.

Google Workspace boasts a suite of tools which are innovative, intuitive and purpose-built for collaboration, making thisan easy pain to solve. 

In order to ensure that N21’s employees would get the most out of the Google Workspace platform, Cobry provided remote training sessions on all of the tools. This included sharing best practises across the likes of Gmail, Calendar and Google Meet, as well as supporting the structural development of the organisation’s Shared Drive. Now, the N21 team were equipped with everything they needed to work together and make amazing things happen!

One of the biggest and most frustrating challenges faced by N21 employees was the difficulty of booking meeting rooms to collaborate with colleagues as the system being used was extremely unreliable. Often bookings would disappear, be automatically declined and wouldn’t allow recurring meetings to be scheduled. In short, it was a meeting nightmare. 

Cobry helped N21 solve this problem by inputting Meeting Rooms as Google Calendar resources and providing Google Meet Kits. This way, employees were able to quickly and easily see the room's availability in its calendar and book to their heart's content.

Control over their own IT, with access to expert support if required
Having previously felt like it lacked charge of their own IT, it was imperative to N21 that they had complete control over their technical environment whilst having a great partner whose expertise it could rely on when needed. This was great news for us at Cobry as this is exactly how we like to work. 

First, we provided training and configured admin privileges so that, ultimately, N21 has control over anything that happens in their Workspace environment. We also work closely with N21 on a monthly support retainer which means we can be there to help with any challenges the team may face, and ensure that the business is continually evolving through its use of Google Workspace.

User feedback on Google Workspace

“There's a huge amount going on here at the business, and the number one thing Cobry provides for us is an absence of headaches."

"Our company is growing at a rapid rate, and Cobry and Google will be helping us facilitate that growth."

"[Cobry's approach] is what people need: convenient, good service, very professional and very friendly."

End Result

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Insights from Cobry’s N21 user feedback survey:

  • 100% of respondents found Google Workspace more productive.
  • 100% have found that Google Workspace has made collaboration with colleagues easier.
  • A majority of respondents rated Gmail, Google Docs and Sheets as “excellent”

By switching to Google Workspace, N21 has been able to move towards a more sustainable, efficient and secure way of working. As a result, staff are happier and better equipped to do their jobs, both of which will have a positive impact on N21's future growth.

If you’re interested in a similar project for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help. Visit our contact page to send us a quick message or book a discovery call!

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