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Organisation Profile

Since 1997, Winning Moves have provided people of all ages with wonderful experiences and lasting memories. A games company responsible for giving families unforgettable games of Monopoly, mysterious evenings playing Cluedo and every intense Top Trumps duel you still have the family bragging rights over.


They have a strong presence internationally, headquartered in London and with offices in the USA, Poland, Australia, Spain, Italy, France and Germany, employing around 200 people.

Project Scoping

Existing Circumstances
In any type of organisation, collaboration is vital. Winning Moves felt that their current operational systems weren’t helping them reach their optimum productivity levels. With projects ongoing between their various locations around the world, it was often difficult to be able to readily access files or information, due to their individual on-premise file servers, leaving them disjointed internationally.

Previous Issues Faced
Winning Moves found that accessing information internationally wasn’t as easy as it really should be. Employees could at times be waiting for hours for files to download, and in addition to this, they also felt they were over-reliant on emails as a method of communication.

Our Recommendations
We at Cobry made numerous recommendations regarding the situation Winning Moves found itself in. The recommendations we made were based around 3 key areas:

  • Collaboration
  • Productivity
  • Security

Project Delivery

Going Google
After considering the key areas that we felt Winning Moves could improve in the way they worked, we could then commence our project to help them Go Google with a move to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

Cobry securely and methodically migrated all email, calendar, contacts and file data from existing servers to Google, as well as providing training for their global user base, including the UK, Europe and Australia.

Through Cobry, Winning Moves have also benefited from replacing their legacy hardware with Google Workspace integrated devices like Chromebooks and Chromeboxes for endpoints and Google Meet Hardware for video meetings. The intention behind the shift to new hardware was to allow Winning Moves to embrace the Google ecosystem. Using these devices allows users to get the absolute best out of their Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) experience, integrating seamlessly with all of its apps and tools.

Change Management & Training
Over the course of the project, we helped Winning Moves not only by migrating data to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) but also by offering constant support, communication and training. Employees felt the Cobry team was “quick and efficient”. In addition to this, users felt the training provided was “excellent”, allowing users to familiarise themselves with and understand their new G Suite applications.

(See user feedback further below)

When the migration was completed, the work didn’t stop there. With Cobry being their official Google Cloud Partner, support has been ongoing, covering all of Winning Moves’ needs. This support includes a helpdesk for all users, Security Reviews, general consultancy, Google Workspace Administration, Onboarding & Offloading processes, Innovation Councils and Disaster Recovery protocols. This close relationship means that Winning Moves can continuously be at optimum efficiency and productivity levels as well as knowing that if they’re struggling with a certain aspect of Google Workspace, we are on hand straight away to iron out the creases.

The Results

89% of users reported improved collaboration

62% of users confirmed increased productivity

65% of users saved time & reduced expenses

Collaboration & Productivity Gains
The results of the project were plain to see, making the shift to Google Workspace benefited Winning Moves greatly, with 2 key factors of improvement being collaboration and productivity.

As far as collaboration is concerned, 89% of users felt that it was improved at Winning Moves. Google Meet served as a great means to speed up internal and external communication. Another prime example of this is due to Google Chat. Being able to message directly led to a reduction in emails and made file sharing quicker and easier.

Productivity was greatly improved at Winning Moves too. Specifically, 62% of employees reported that they felt that productivity had increased. Along with the powerful search function of Drive, the simple nature of file sharing with Google Workspace reduces the time spent trying to find files. Auto-saving means that work in progress on files is never lost. Universal access to files via the cloud has alleviated the need to wait for files to download or request access to files held in other locations.

Efficient Workflows
In addition to this, particularly due to the nature of what Winning Moves do, sharing resources such as templates, marketing materials, print artwork and assets regardless of geographical location is a huge benefit to Winning Moves. When collaborating on files in Shared Drives, comments and notes can be added at the side and numerous people can work on the file in real-time which once again reduced needless emails and improved the efficiency of internal workflows.

Video First
With Google Meet, 65% of users also felt that they saved time by reducing the number of in-person meetings, which would have included travel time and expenses.

Increased Security
Winning Moves have also been able to take advantage of Google Workspace’s built-in security features, such as 2-Factor-Authentication and anti-phishing protections to ensure that no accounts are ever compromised. This, along with the fact that no Google file format can be affected by ransomware or malware, means that users are always working in a highly secure environment.

User feedback on Cobry

It’s one thing to hear us talking about how we helped Winning Moves, but it’s far more telling to read what they themselves thought of our work.

“You guys are quick and efficient – I love it!”

“Really helpful and friendly whenever you have an issue.”

“The training provided was excellent and helped me understand how to use the new applications much more quickly.”

User feedback on Google Workspace

“Google Meet is very good and has sped up communication internally and externally.”

“We can direct colleagues to the same resources – templates, marketing materials, print artwork and assets – no matter what territory they are operating in.”

"The auto save feature is very helpful, no lost data/work!”

“Google Drive makes studios work more efficient – anyone can access any file at any given moment, so handing over projects in case of someone’s absence is very easy.

Chief Operating Officer’s Quote

“Our global offices operated very different IT infrastructure, leaving us very disjointed – Cobry were able to migrate all of our email and file data from various systems to the cloud with Google Workspace.
This provided us with centralised data access and one admin console for the whole organisation, as well as training from Cobry for all users to make sure we hit the ground running. Since delivering the project, we have continued to work with Cobry as our Google Cloud Partner; delivering ongoing support to end-users, consultancy around best practices, innovation councils and the provision of Chromebooks and Google Meet Hardware.
We would recommend Cobry to any organisation looking for a trusted, reliable partner to help them move to the cloud.”

-– Paul Boughtwood, COO, Winning Moves Ltd

End Result

Google Workspace Logo.

Switching to a cloud-based system helped Winning Moves achieve their goals of enabling their global user-base to work better together with new collaboration tools, while also increasing security and reducing their overall costs by switching to Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) with Cobry.

If you’re interested in a similar project for your organisation, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help, just book a discovery call here or drop a message using the form below.

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