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Cobry believes that technology can be a powerful force for positive change, however such a change must be skillfully managed.

As experts in Change Management, we have developed comprehensive change management programmes that will be tailored to your businesses exact needs. Meaning that your transition to Google will be seamless and your employees satisfied.

With Cobry, change is a wonderful thing. 

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Empower your team

If your organisation is looking to achieve true digital transformation, you need to not only provide access to effective tools but also ensure that your team has the skills to leverage these tools. Our Google Workspace training will increase your team’s confidence using the system and allow them to work to their full potential.

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Increase productivity

During training, we often find people have an ‘aha!’ moment when we showcase a tool or feature that they may have not been making the most of. Google Workspace offers many tools that make daily tasks easier and faster which are often not immediately obvious to end-users – a single training session can result in countless hours of work saved.

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Strengthen operations

We work with individuals of all skill levels to ensure that your whole team is competent using the new tools in their day-to-day work. Providing comprehensive training sessions will encourage your team to re-design your organisation’s processes in more efficient ways through the use of Google Workspace apps.

“The process that Cobry went through with us to genuinely understand our business and its needs was simple and effective and resulted in outcomes that fitted our company perfectly.

The training offered by Cobry was great, it was tailored to our needs and they took into account the way we work."

Jen Munro, Managing Director, ISSOS.

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Google Workspace Training

The heart and soul of our change management process. We have multiple training options that ensure you and your team become at one with the tools on offer.

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Google Workspace has Gmail, Calendar, Contacts and Google Chat as the main communication apps. This training will go into detail on the different ways these applications integrate and will show your team how to use them most effectively.

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Google Workspace Introductions
We offer a Google Workspace basic introductory session, outlining Workspace features at a high level, whilst going over most use cases. Or, our quick-start session offers a faster-paced introduction, allowing your team to start using Workspace instantly.

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Drive and Docs are the heart soul of Google Workspace collaboration. This master class will teach you and your team all you need to know about Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and how to use them most effectively with your team.

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This training is for senior and director level staff who wish to learn more about how Google tools could improve their and their teams’ work. The training is very flexible and can cover areas of particular importance to the specific staff member.

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PA Training
This session outline is tailored towards a PA’s workflow. The session is often focused around comparing Office 365 and Workspace and how the workflows can be transitioned from one to the other.

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Google Workspace is the perfect toolkit for remote work. Organisations are now using it as a means to employ a remote work strategy and empowering your employees to work from home using. Workspace is critical for a smooth move to remote working.


Training isn’t the only way we ease the Google Workspace transition. There are other ways we can help you and your team get to know the magnitude of Workspace use cases, features and functions.

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We’ll build a tailored intranet that acts as a bank of resources and recommendations for your use-case on how your employees make the most of Google Workspace.

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Posters and PDF’s
Nothing beats a simple one-pager to clarify what apps are used for. We know what features people may need help with and these simple guides help with that.

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Change Impacts
Google Workspace brings positive change. We can help you to improve your current workflows to better fit into Google’s tools with minimal disruption.

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We make custom videos for your organisation so you can refer to them and pick up certain tips and tricks on different ways to use Google Workspace to your advantage.

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We send you internal emails to help you stay on top of the change, as well as templates you can send out to your team so they are fully prepared.

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Google Guides
When enterprises Go Google, we recommend that a number of tech-savvy team members are trained to become Google Guides to assist others.

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A webinar is a web-based seminar hosted through Google Meet which can entail any of our training courses. Perfect for remote workers.

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Town Hall
When enterprises transition to Google Workspace, adoption is aided by Directors addressing the decision, either in person or via a webinar – we help with both.

At Cobry, we believe that it's the people, not the people that matter the most. That's why we start by listening and contruct a change management programme that will fit your organisation perfectly. 

Check out the video to the right where our Managing Director, Colin, talks about what it's like to work with Cobry.

To find out more about our change management programmes, get in touch via the button below.  

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