February 12, 2021
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Change Management: How Cobry can help you

This week in the Cobry Cafetiere of Cloud Knowledge we are discussing Change Management. This is a favourite topic of ours as managing change is an integral part of what we do. Change Management is the third step in your journey with the cloud to us, and is what truly differentiates our service offering. Some may believe that once the technical change has happened there is nothing left to be done, but not us! We introduce various Change Management activities that are designed to empower your team and enhance their use of Google Workspace.

What is change management?

In its simplest form, Change Management is managing the technical and cultural change that an organisation moving to Google Workspace will go through. At Cobry, Change Management is in our DNA, and is arguably the most important thing that we do. It consists of a variety of activities and processes that happen after the technical change. It does not end there, however. We also offer to work with our clients on a continual basis and provide ongoing support around working in the cloud.

Why is managing change important? 

Technical change is highly likely to be one of the biggest changes an organisation will go through. This is why it is important to get it right - it affects everybody. When moving to Google Workspace, employees have to leave their legacy systems and processes behind, and adopt new tools and ways of working. By managing this change, you give your organisation the opportunity to truly embrace it. Through thorough planning, we can ensure that the change is a smooth and easy process; whilst our other change management activities empower your employees in their use of Google Workspace. 

Cobry’s approach to Change Management

The first, and most important, thing that we do is listen to and understand your organisational needs. This includes understanding the services and processes that you currently use, and your unique requirements that will influence the setup of your Workspace environment. By doing this, we are able to design and implement an effective change strategy and ensure that your workflows experience minimal disruption.

Change Management activities

After the initial planning stage is over, we work closely with you to transition seamlessly into your new Workspace environment. Some of Cobry’s Change Management activities include:


We provide in-depth training sessions with your team which aim to teach and share best practices across the Google Tools. Our flagship session is Communication and Collaboration. Throughout this webinar we cover the core tools including Gmail, Calendar, Meet and Drive and explain how team members can use them to effectively communicate and collaborate.

As Google Workspace experts, we can provide quality, in-depth training in any of the tools. Just ask and we will deliver!

Innovation Council 

An innovation council is a meeting that we hold periodically with team leaders across the various departments of your organisation. During this meeting, we discuss the ways in which you are using the Google tools and, together, find new and improved solutions for your processes and workflows. By doing this, we are able to ensure you are getting the most out of Google Workspace and support and difficulties you may be facing. 

Transformation Labs

Transformation Labs are slightly more in-depth than innovation councils as they are specific to your organisations current processes. They are workshops in which, together with our experts, you adapt and improve your organisational processes to fit the Google tools. This allows you to create more efficient and effective solutions that integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace.

If you'd like more information on making the move to Google Workspace, please get in touch.

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