Google Chrome

G Suite can be accessed through any computing device and browser but works best through Chrome browser, OS and hardware. The use of Chrome products allow for a uniform G Suite experience over multiple devices and maximises the functionality of the tools available.

Chrome Device Management

This product allows you to control over 200 settings for all Chrome devices within your organisation from one place. The key features include the ability to install or restrict access to specific apps for any device as well as set up WiFi settings. The main advantage of Chrome Device Management for organisations is that it allows much easier provisioning of a large quantity devices compared to more traditional systems.

Chrome Browser

Chrome is now the world’s most popular browser with over a billion users and is the most compliant with current web standards. Chrome browser enhances and compliments G Suite for Work allowing features such as extensions and syncing of settings.

Chrome OS

Chrome Operating System (OS) is designed to work efficiently with web applications such as G Suite. Unlike other operating systems, Chrome OS focuses on simplicity and speed including automatic updates and a rapid start-up time. It also a very secure system with built-in features such as sandboxing, verified boot and data encryption.

Chrome Devices

Google offer a range of different hardware options in the form of Chromebooks and Chromeboxes which use Chrome OS. These lightweight computers are designed to be an affordable option for everyone, providing a safe, simple and speedy approach to computing.