Chrome OS

Chrome OS

Unifying your workplace, one device at a time.

G Suite (formerly Google Apps for Work) can be accessed through any computing device and browser but works best through the Google Chrome browser, OS and hardware. The use of Chrome products allows for a uniform G Suite experience over multiple devices and maximises the functionality of the tools available.


Built-in Security
Never worry about malware, viruses, trojans.

AI-Driven Threat Detection
Google Play Protect helps keep you and your business safe.

Automatic Updates
Security patches that give you top of the line security.


Granular Controls
Lots of customisation and permission control over your users.

Enterprise Management
Identity options, including Google Cloud Identity and Microsoft® Active Directory™.

App Curation
Managed Google Play Store that suggests applications tailored to your needs.


No Downtime
Keep you and your business running with Googles 99.9% uptime guarantee

Minimize Risk 
Google’s backup services ensure you have all your files, no matter what.

Reduce Time and Costs
Virtually no learning curve, as the software is intuitive and updates are automatic.

Chrome OS works best with

G Suite

You shouldn’t hear it just from us; many of our customers who have transitioned to G Suite have also adopted and embraced Chrome OS through the purchase of Chrome Hardware that supports it. This includes the Chromebox, Chromebook and Chromebit.

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“Significant cost savings in hardware as we were due to upgrade existing hardware in services. Cost of Chrome was half that of PC, as well as faster, more secure and mobile.”

How Chrome Devices can transform your Business

Chrome Devices integrate seamlessly to deliver the best workflow for your business.

These lightweight computers are designed to be an affordable option for everyone, providing a safe, simple and speedy approach to computing. As official Google Chrome providers, we can help you find the right device for your needs – from a £200 basic machine to a more powerful, high-end model.

Note: if you use Windows or Mac OS, you can still have some of the same benefits, as long as you’re using the chrome browser.


Chrome Browser

The best way to use G Suite is through the chrome browser, allowing features such as extensions and syncing of settings. It supports all native G Suite features, however offline access to Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Slides and desktop notifications are exclusive to chrome, and not available for users that use different browsers.

With over a billion users and the best web standard compliance of any browser, chrome brings forth the best features and compatibility out there.


It’s fast


It’s simple


It’s secure