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Content created by G Suite experts

As official Google Cloud partners we have helped dozens of organisations move to the cloud – so we understand the challenges of successful change management.

Track your team's progress

Our online platform provides real-time reports and metrics in the form of an easy-to-use dashboard allowing managers to have complete control over their team’s learning.

Cost savings and upskilled teams

Cobry Academy is a very cost-effective way to train your team in G Suite. Our courses will enable your team to work more efficiently together, bringing long-term cost savings.

How do I get access?

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Empower your team to work better together using G Suite

Cobry’s experience of G Suite training paired with a cutting-edge HTML5 delivery system enabled the creation of Cobry Academy.

Cobry Academy is an online learning platform that allows organisations to train their teams in G Suite in a cost-effective way. A mix of text, video and quiz content builds knowledge of the different apps whilst encouraging learners to think how to maximise their usage of the G Suite tools in their day-to-day work. The learners dashboard makes it easy to access courses that have been assigned and view individual progress.

Managers can access real-time learning data and reports in an online dashboard allowing easy monitoring of progress. The dashboard also allows assignment of courses and reminder emails to learners who are not up-to-speed in just a few clicks.

Specialised G Suite content

Using our experience of helping dozens of organisations move to the cloud, we have created courses that will bring your team up-to-speed on G Suite. Our content includes:

  • text content
  • video tutorials
  • quizzes to test learners knowledge

Manage your teams learning

Cobry Academy provides managers with real-time learning data in an easy-to-use dashboard. You can monitor and track your team’s progress as they work through our courses and send reminder emails to individual users or groups within the dashboard.