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Cobry and Google’s commitment to sustainable business practice and protecting customer data.

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Cobry's B-Corp Certification

We are delighted to be part of a community that is using business as a force for good. B Corp is a certification given to companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. As a B Corp, we are part of a global movement of companies working towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

 The five impact areas of assessment of our B Corp certification are as follows: Workers, Customers, Community, Governance, and Environment.

At Cobry, we strive to generate positive social impact through sustainable business practices, employee-focused initiatives, and environmental efforts.

Our B Corp certification is a reflection of our dedication to creating positive social and environmental impact. We are committed to forming partnerships with other B Corp companies to further our cause and use business as a force for good. We believe that by working together, we can build a better world for all.

Cobry’s B Corp Certification
You can verify our certification via this link.

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ISO 27001

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognised standard for Information Security which is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The standard provides the framework for an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS).
It sets out the policies and procedures needed to protect organisations and includes all the risk controls (legal, physical and technical) necessary for robust IT security management. ISO 27001 is designed to cover much more than just IT. An important part of the Standard concerns data security across all areas of a business; whether it is online or offline.

The benefits for achieving ISO27001 are:

  • Information Security Management system demonstrates compliance with internationally recognised standards of information security, helping to fulfil your legal obligations and comply with regulations.
  • It keeps confidential information secure by putting in place robust security policies and access management, allowing for the secure exchange of information.
  • Risk management: The Standard manages and minimises risk exposure, providing customers and stakeholders with confidence in how we manage risk.

Cobry’s Accreditation
You can verify our accreditation via this link, and using our certification number – 354492021

ISO 14001 + 9001

ISO 14001
ISO 14001 is the international standard for environmental accreditations, which lays down the framework for environmental management. It aims to help organisations lessen their environmental impact through guidance around waste management, energy usage and day-to-day operations’ carbon footprint. It also places heavy emphasis on incorporating sustainability into organisations’ strategic planning, ensuring that organisations’ commitments to sustainability become integral to their existence.

The key benefits of achieving ISO 14001 are:

  • Compliance with environmental regulations
  • Improved company reputation
  • Improved cost efficiencies (ex. energy efficiency)
  • Use of sustainable, ethical, suppliers

ISO 9001
ISO 9001 is an internationally recognised accreditation for quality control, one that lays down seven quality management principles. It aims to assist organisations in continually improving and monitoring the quality of their products and services, in a way that strikes a balance between an efficient production process and customer satisfaction.

Key benefits of achieving ISO 9001 are:

  • Improved supplier relationships
  • Increased customer and employee satisfaction
  • Constant innovation
  • An increase in repeat custom

Cobry’s Accreditation
You can verify both of these accreditations via this link, by using our certification number – 388752022

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Cobry’s GDPR compliance

At Cobry we are committed to complying fully with GDPR and our customers can be assured that we take great care in protecting their data and keeping our own systems secure.  We have been working hard to update policies to ensure compliance.

Any data that users enter into Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) will only be processed in accordance with the user’s instructions, as described in Google’s GDPR-updated data processing agreements You should have received an email from Google regarding this update. If not, click below to find out how to sign the new agreement and ensure compliance.

Google's GDPR compliance

Google has created a website with all of their GDPR related content, compliance, and FAQs collated in one handy location. This website details everything you need to know when it comes to Google Workspace and what you can do to become GDPR compliant as a personal data controller.

Please remember that as part of your GDPR compliance with Google you should accept the new Data Processing Amendment.

Increase your Google security

Data controllers (Google Workspace users) are responsible for implementing appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure and demonstrate that any data processing is performed in compliance with the GDPR. Controllers’ obligations relate to principles such as lawfulness, fairness and transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, and accuracy, as well as fulfilling data subjects’ rights with respect to their data. This means that your company must not wait until a data breach occurs, but be prepared and use all appropriate tools and processes in order to comply with the new GDPR requirements and deal with breaches in advance.

At cobry, we can help you secure your business, and reduce the possibility of any sort of breach happening on your systems. Google Workspace has security features and controls that allow you to better control the data within your Workspace environment, such as:

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The process of searching and retrieving information in electronic format. It is useful for legal matters and prevents data loss.

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Google Vault
Use Vault to track user activity. Robust audit trails let you see searches, message views, exports and more.

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Smart Search
Search across your company’s content in Google Workspace, from Gmail and Drive to Docs, Sheets, Slides, Calendar, and more. 

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