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If collaboration and communication are one half of Cobry's DNA, then data on the cloud is the other half. Our Cobry Data Compass brings both of these ideas together to help create clarity, collaboration and accessibility to organisational data.


Organisations usually feel one of the following three pains

Whether your organisation isn't making data-driven decisions, there's some sort of communication problem or there's data issues in general, it usually distils into one or more of the categories below.


How do we fix these pains?

There are two steps to overcoming these organisational problems; the culture and the technology.


The technical pathway

We establish a technological framework that aims to centralise your data sources.

We use best-in-class cloud technologies; Looker and BigQuery, as well as other Google Cloud based data technologies such as Dataproc, Dataflow and Datafusion to deliver data governance at scale; no matter how big the organisation. Our end goal is to deploy a centralised data repository - commonly known as a 'data lake' that serves as a single source of truth for all of your employees and customers.


The cultural pathway

Technology that can't be used properly isn't good technology. That's why we place a huge emphasis on the people, and making sure organisational data is accessible.

Our definition of success is to ensure that the right people have access to the right data. We have 10+ years of change management experience, and we don't finish the project until your staff feel empowered enough to make data-driven decisions. Looker allows us to manage access to data on a user-by-user level, so no matter who needs access, we can guarantee that they have all the organisational information they need, right at their fingertips.

How do we achieve this?

It's a three-step process.

First, we conduct a data maturity assessment; we check how good your data is, how accessible it is, and whether people are actually making decisions based on the data you provide them.

Once we conduct our assessment, we pick out your trickiest data problem and aim to solve that as a proof of concept.

If (once) you're sold on that, we go on to fully deploy Looker and BigQuery, and conduct a full organisation-wide data change management programme. Wiktor, our development lead sums it up best.

The Cobry guide to data

We understand that data is a challenge, whether you're a small or a large business. That's why we're making our internal guide to data public. That's right; you will soon be able to download our data handbook that should answer all of your questions about data in organisations.


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