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The Mindset

When tackling any sort of project, the mindset you and your organisation employs is essential. In this section, we dive into important constructs to consider when undergoing a data project.

Why it's important to have a grasp of your data.
Control your data
Different data problems, and how to solve them.

The Technology

Technology that doesn't 'vibe' with a company or its people isn't good technology. You need a tech stack that can gel with your culture, and help you achieve your business outcomes.

How does GCP fit into your data picture?
Why is deploying Looker and BigQuery a nobrainer?

The Culture

You need to ensure that you have the right people and that your people can be data-driven. There are multiple strategies you can employ to do both. Read below.

Who do you need to ensure your cloud stays running?
What does a data driven organisation look like?

The Project Outline

Project outlines.

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