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Dataflow and Dataproc

Data pipelines can rapidly grow in complexity, scale and scope, therefore, it is essential that you optimise your pipeline such that it can cope with these demands. 

Managing data pipelines is difficult. Cobry has experience in creating Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines that work for you. We have a roster of tools that we use to help you achieve your data goals. For ETL, we use Dataflow and DataProc.

Dataflow enables you to stream analytics quickly, meanwhile Dataproc helps users process, transform and understand vast quantities of data by processing large datasets, such as those used in big data initiatives.

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A fully managed service which enables you to stream analytics while minimising latency, time and cost - thanks to autoscaling and batch processing.            

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Stream data analytics quickly & effectively

Dataflow supports fast and simplified streaming of your data pipeline with lower data latency meaning you can gain insights and make decisions quicker than ever.

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Simplified Operations and management

Dataflow’s serverless approach removes operational overhead meaning that your team can spend more time focussing on what really matters - managing server clusters.

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Reduce total cost of ownership

Dataflow offers virtually limitless capacity to manage changing workloads without overspending thanks to resource autoscaling and cost-batch processing.

Google Dataflow in a minute

Check out the video to the right to learn more about Google Dataflow in only 1 minute! If you'd like to find out how Cobry can help you with Dataflow, or any of your data needs, get in touch via the button below! 


Discover how Renault Group solved scaling and cost challenges on its Industrial Data platform by using Google Dataflow and BigQuery. 

How Renault Group use Google Dataflow 

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Google Dataproc is a fully managed, highly scalable service used for running popular OSS such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Presto and other open source tools and frameworks. Dataproc is the perfect solution to modernise your data lake securely and cost effectively.

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Modernise your open source data processing

Accelerate your data and analytics processing using dataproc with its on-demand, purpose-built or serverless environments.

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Intelligent and seamless OSS for data science

Enable data scientists and analysts to perform data science tasks through native integrations with Vertex AI.

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Advanced security, compliance and governance

Manage and enforce user authentication and authorisation and define permissions without having to set up a network node.


Google Dataproc in a minute

Watch the video to the left to learn about Dataproc in 1 minute. Want to know more about how Cobry can help you with your data challenges? Get in touch via the button below

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