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Effectively managing organisational devices is imperative for the safety of your company-owned data.

Google Workspace Device Management allows for smooth provisioning and management of all company owned devices, including Chrome OS, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS devices.

Device Management Options

Cobry can help you manage and audit device policies as well as recommend best practices to help you optimise the deployment and management of your devices. Enjoy faster deployment, managed security, and IT support when you need it, and that’s just the beginning!

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Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management provides you with all the features you need to secure Android, iOS, Windows and other smartphones.

  • Enforce screen locks, passcodes and strong passwords
  • Wipe devices remotely with no need to install software 
  • Track mobile usage and trends with visualised data
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Chrome Device Management

Manage all types of Chrome devices from a single cloud-based admin console using Chrome Device Management and keep your company devices safe.

  • Enforce policies and set up Chrome features for users
  • Provide access to your internal VPNs and Wi-Fi networks
  • Block access and remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices
Screenshot showing google login on a windows device.

Endpoint Verification

Endpoint Verification enables Google admin users to manage devices that are outside of the Google ecosystem, such as Windows and macOS. 

  • Devices will automatically be registered with endpoint management
  • Admins can remotely sign out users if a device is lost or stolen
  • Retrieve information about the devices that have access to company data

To manage Chrome devices, you first need to acquire a Chrome Licence. There are 3 types of services: Chrome Enterprise, Education and Nonprofit.

There are two different durations available for Chrome Licences; Annual and Perpetual (covers the life of the device it’s enrolled to – non-transferable).

Order Chrome Licences

Find out more about Chrome Device Management in our video to the right and check out our great blog here!  

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