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Google Drive Enterprise

The simplest way for teams to work together in the cloud.

Google Drive Enterprise allows teams to store files in the cloud and move faster with collaboration tools like Docs, Sheets, and Slides — all on a secure platform that makes it easy to work better together, without uprooting systems.


Highly Secure

All corporate data is safeguarded by Google’s secure infrastructure and further protected by advanced privacy and compliance controls.


Seemless Integration

Drive Enterprise integrations allow users to do even more by instantly connecting to popular tools like Salesforce, Slack, Trello and Asana.


Streamline Workflows

Drive Enterprise speeds up workflows with features that enable users to assign tasks, request approvals, and track versions instantly.

Find Files 50% Faster

Machine learning (ML)-enabled search features like Priority use artificial intelligence to understand what users need and surface the most relevant content — cutting the time spent searching for files in half.

Cloud Based Content Collaboration

Drive Enterprise empowers organisations to create, store, share, and collaborate in the cloud — without needing to uproot existing systems or disrupt your work.

Cobry can help you quickly assess and transfer large amounts of valuable data directly into Google Drive to get you up and running immediately.

Only pay for what you use

Pricing is based on active users and storage used per month — so you never pay for capacity you don’t need.

Get in touch with us for more information and a monthly estimate.