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Google Workspace

What Is Google Workspace?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a cloud-based set of apps that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. It’s simple to setup, use and manage, allowing you to work smarter and focus on what really matters. Read more about Google Workspace.

Can't we just use free Gmail accounts?

You can, but your email address will be limited to example@gmail.com. G Suite is an IT system built for business and it allows you to use your own domain in your email address such as example@mybusiness.com.

Who uses Google Workspace?

Over 5 million businesses across the world run using Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) including over 60% of the Fortune 500.


Security & Reliability

Surely my data is more secure on my own server?

Not necessarily. Physical on-premises servers are vulnerable to damage such as fire or flooding, or even theft. Cloud servers enjoy military levels of encryption and are stored at numerous secure locations around the world. Therefore, most organisations find that after moving to the cloud, the risk of their data being stolen is greatly reduced. Google employs over 550 professionals and invests millions of dollars each year to ensure their security is the highest level possible. Learn more about cloud security.

Where is my data stored?

Your data is stored in multiple data centres owned by Google located all over the world. These data centres are located and built to minimise the impact of hardware failures and environmental risks. Learn more about cloud security.

Does cloud ever go down?

Cloud tools are almost always superior in terms of reliability. G Suite has a 99.9% SLA uptime guarantee which has never been broken in any year since the product was launched in 2006. Learn more about cloud security.



What is the Cloud?

The cloud is essentially about storing and communicating with data stored over the internet instead of your computer’s hard drive or a server in your office. Learn more about the cloud.

Why should we switch to using the cloud?

There are several great advantages of organisations using cloud tools including cost savings, collaboration, security and reliability. Discover more on our Benefits page.

What are the drawbacks to working on the cloud?

There are very few disadvantages that apply to working on the cloud, with one key exception: the risk of low quality service delivery from a cloud provider. Choosing the wrong cloud computing service provider can be extremely detrimental for any organization, as their reliance on cloud from a single vendor may place all of the responsibility for IT service delivery within their business on the shoulders of a third party.  This is where we come in; we’re full in on G Suite and we truly believe that Google’s suite of cloud tools is the best in the market.



Will my team be able to learn the new system?

We have helped dozens of organisations transition to using cloud tools and have extensive experience in helping teams use the new systems. We careful plan change management as a key component of our projects to ensure that users are confident in using the technology. Find out more about our approach to training.

Is it easy to move to the cloud?

Making the transition to using cloud tools is often a lot easier than you might think. We can help guide you through all stages of the process and provide on-going support to ensure that your team is working effectively using the tools. Find out more on our Moving to the Cloud page.

Can we still use Microsoft Office?

Yes you will still be able to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and all the other Office programs with G Suite.



What can we get training on?

We primarily focus on providing training in G Suite. However, we have helped organisations with a range of different cloud and digital marketing tools. Learn more about our approach to training.

Is there a maximum or minimum group size?

No there are no rules when it comes to group size for our training. As a broad guideline when the group gets larger than 10 or 12 people, the training becomes much less tailored to individual needs.



What are the set-up costs?

The cost of moving a company’s systems to the cloud varies depending on a number of factors. We have worked with a range of organisations, tailoring our services to their individual requirements. If you would like to discuss the options for your organisation in more detail, please get in touch.

How much does Google Workspace cost?

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) pricing starts at £55 per user annually for businesses. Registered charities can join the Google for Nonprofits program and get Google Workspace for free. Educational institutions can also get Google Workspace free with Google for Education.

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