G Suite Data Backup

Google Workspace Data Backup

Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions ensure you never lose data.

As secure as Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is, storing your data in the cloud doesn’t mean it’s backed up. Once it’s deleted: it’s gone.

Why Backup?

Accidental Deletion

If an employee deletes a file, either by accident or thinking it’s no longer needed: they can recover this whenever it’s required.

Malicious Deletion

Disgruntled former employees can often look to get back at their employers by deleting important data while they still have access.

Cyber Threat Protection

Workspace accounts can still be compromised if users select weak passwords or fall for phishing emails and provide their data to hackers.

Save on Licensing

Workspace user accounts can be backed up if employees leave, meaning you can cut back on licenses until they’re replaced.

Workspace (G Suite) Data Backup Features

Automatic daily backups 

Built-in data encryption


Data controls and audit logs

Data export functionality

Data restored directly to user accounts or downloaded to the device

Archive / Export entire user accounts

How we help

Securing your data and ensuring you have access to all the files you need, from anywhere in the world and on any device is just one part of how we at Cobry help you make the most of the latest cloud tools.

If your data is ever accidentally deleted or lost, we will be on hand to help you recover it and restore it to the relevant user account or provide the files directly. We also help implement the best security practices at your organisation and administer our recommended settings for your domain.

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